Learning New Things During Your Summer Break Is the Best Souvenir

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Updated: Feb 19, 2020 6:33 am

You noticed something different about yourself this year. You aren’t that excited about your summer break plans. School is going to take a break a few months from now, and yet you don’t feel excited about your plans at all. Worse, you aren’t even making plans. You’re planning to stay at home, declutter your stuff, and spend time alone. Going to the beach doesn’t seem that interesting since you’ve been doing that for the past 20 years.

You’re in a rut. That’s normal if you haven’t tried anything new during your vacation. How about this? Buy some Giro men’s ski helmets, book a room in a ski resort, and take some ski classes. If you have done this before, find something else to do. The point is that you should do something new during your vacation. Doing the same thing over and over takes away the excitement of visiting a new place.

Sure, you can still go to the beach during the summer break, but you should take a ukulele class or a surfing lesson. That will break the routine. It will also make the vacation more memorable. Imagine taking home a new skill or hobby. You might even fall in love with it and take advanced classes to further your skills.


The experience of doing something new stays with you long after your sunburn has healed. Learning how to cook a traditional Thai satay, for example, will keep you entertained for a long time. Imagine the kind of “adventure” you’ll have in the grocery aisles looking for the ingredients for your chicken satay.

You can even experiment with your new skills. You can show off your newfound cooking skills to your friends. You can have cook-off dinners with the family. Everyone will compete to make the “best” satay with the limited ingredients you can find.

The experience of new things always trumps taking pictures of the beach or doing retail therapy. There’s something about learning new skills that make you more confident. You take this skill with you home, and you never forget about that place again. You will even find yourself reconnecting with your teacher and classmates. It’s a whole new world that you can explore.

Instagram-worthy Adventures

Honestly, what can be better for your Instagram feed than doing new things? Why pose along the beaches of Bali when you can learn pottery or traditional coffee grinding techniques? Sure, taking photos with the Eiffel Tower is great for your feed. But you know what’s even greater? Learning how to make those yummymacarons. Nothing says French other than concocting this meringue-based pastry. If you are trying to have the best Instagram feed, taking up classes will take your feed farther than anyone on your list.

By learning new things, you’ll discover something cool about yourself. You’ll have a better sense of purpose than simply taking photos. You will have an immersive experience that your Instagram feed can’t even convey to your followers. But that’s okay. These are the things you take with you until you’re old and gray.


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