Solo Sports to Play in the Age of the Virus

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So many sports to play, so little time in which to play them.  Ah, the good old days of… about a month ago.  Sadly, with the world going in to lock down there is little we can do except sit down, wrap a blanket around us and chill to Netflix.  Or is there? To begin with the poker section at Bovada is recommended – and there are many other sports that you can play on your own too!

If you live near water, you could take up swimming.  Most people are already so sick of being self-isolated that they would welcome the chance of a quick dip in the sea.  Find an isolated beach and in you go – but only do this if you are a strong swimmer. Also, avoid crowded beaches ones as, as far as the UK is concerned, the recent sunshine is bringing out “mad dogs and Englishmen” in abundance as herds of idiots head for traditional seaside destinations in a seemingly desperate attempt to catch Covid19.

Staying with water, there are other sports you could participate in on your own.  Surfing and kayaking spring immediately to mind – but hold on a sec!  These usually involve quite a bit of training before you’re considered safe to go out on your own.  So maybe not.  Plus, we don’t want the lifeguard to be called out at this time, do we?

So, what next? Any form of martial arts can be practiced on one’s own.  However, I would probably refer you to the above advice on safety. Watching a clip on YouTube and then trying to imitate it in your bedroom may be the best way to get an ambulance to your door at the best of times.  Right now, perhaps not.

Perhaps skateboarding? Why is it that so many solo sports involve imminent damage or death?  This would not be the best solo sport to take up at the moment for all the reasons outlined above.  Plus, you’re fifty three and past it, mate.

Is bodybuilding a sport yet? You could always get fit at home but building muscle mass is a process that can take quite a while – and lifting an iron or a saucepan isn’t something that will get you looking like Arnold in a hurry.  Maybe not, then…

What is at the top of our list? It’s running.  If you live in any built-up area you will have recently noticed the huge surge in the numbers of people running over the last month or so.  As the need for social distancing increases, what better than a sport at which you distance yourself from others at some speed?  This is, without doubt, the best solo sport in the opinion of this website!

So don’t jog on – run on!  Just don’t trip up and bash your head on the ground!

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