Spain Set To Host MightyTips Ambassador’s Fight

MightyTips fresh ambassador and Europe’s undefeated star, Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs, will have his debut fight in Spain on August 5th.

The encounter, billed to be held at Benalmadena’s Holiday World Resort in Spain, will be between MightyTips’ fleet-of-first boxers and the French fighter Dimitri Trenel.

This clash is coming as the big headline fight between Samuel Molina, a Super and Spanish lightweights champion, and Ignacio Mendoza (44 wins, 3 draws, 14 losses) in what promises to be a fascinating night at the Costa de Sol.

Other clashes on this card are:

About The Hurricane

Although The Hurricane has been away from his boxing career for two years, he’s still the favourite for this contest. After winning his last thirteen fights, he will be a big bone in Trenel’s throat. Besides not suffering a defeat in his last thirteen games, he is highly experienced in combat sports and holds the impressive record of European Kickboxing Champion.

His kickboxing experience also means that his adversary will have his surprising power and nimble footwork to contend with. And while the publishing of this contest’s odds is still underway, boxing enthusiasts can turn to top betting websites for combat sports for live updates on MMA or boxing.

The Hurricane and MightyTips Ambassadorship

The announcement of The Hurricane as part of the MightyTips team came a week before this fight.

As part of its commitment to raising athletes to greater heights, MightyTips hopes that bringing The Hurricane onboard will help him maintain his stunning unbeaten streak and defeat new adversaries.

The signing also seals MightyTips as the go-to destination for credible reviews on betting apps and boxing websites.

Whether it is a comprehensive explanation of bonuses or promotional materials of betting sites, MightyTips mince no words in saying things the way they are. Its reviews on cricket, football, tennis betting and boxing apps are not only honest but also second to none.

More information

More information about The Hurricane and boxing can be found at MightyTips.

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