The Official BT Sport PPV Price For Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Is Released

Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury BT Sport PPV Price

Updated: Feb 16, 2023 5:13 pm

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are set to fight each other on February 26th in Saudi Arabia and the BT Sport PPV price will be £19.95 for UK viewers.

A genuine 50-50 bout with two undefeated fighters, Paul will be looking to boost his resume by defeating a ‘real’ boxer for the first time. Meanwhile, Fury has vowed to end the hype following ‘The Problem Child’ after the former Disney star has crafted an undefeated record of 6-0 and beaten former UFC fighters such as Anderson Silva, Tyron Woodley, and Ben Askren.

There has been no love lost between Paul and Fury who have previously tried to share the ring on two previous occasions.
The pair were originally meant to swap leather back in December 2021. However, Fury pulled out less than two weeks before due to suffering a broken rib and bacterial chest infection.

Then, in August 2022, the ex-Youtuber and ex-Love Island contestant were scheduled to finally settle their differences, but Fury was denied entry to the United States, forcing the fight to be cancelled again.

So, the third time seems to be the charm as Fury recently posted a picture on Instagram of himself all packed and ready to make his way to the Middle East.

Still, the build-up of Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury has not been without drama. On the night of Artur Beterbiev vs Anthony Yarde, the two professional boxers met face-to-face in the ring and had to be held back by security.

And lately, ‘TNT’ did not show up at the press conference in Saudi Arabia. Regardless, Paul was not surprised his British opponent failed to make an appearance.

“I’m used to his behaviour at this point. He’s unprofessional. He’s a flake. He’s not a serious businessman. He’s not a serious fighter and I’m gonna prove that. That’s why this fight is called ‘The Truth’ because the truth is gonna come out and he’s going to have to pay for all the times he pulled out, all the business people he screwed over.

“It’s disrespectful. There are some of the biggest names in boxing. Some of the biggest promoters in the world. Some of the most influential people in the world. One of the greatest countries in the world and he doesn’t want to show up because of a private matter, cool.

“We all have private matters. When you sign up to do something and you make a commitment, that’s what it should be about and it just shows me that he’s scared. Because he said he didn’t need to train for this fight. ‘Oh, I can fight Jake Paul and I don’t even have to train’. But meanwhile, his excuse first was, that he had to train extra for this fight and now apparently it’s a private matter.”

Tommy Fury Wants To End Jake Paul’s Boxing Career

Despite not turning up to the press conference, Tommy Fury is confident he can become the man to hand Jake Paul his first professional defeat and force the American to hang up his gloves.

“I’m very good. I’m blessed in the position I am as to do exactly what you just said, to end this absolute fools career. I mean it’s not a very tough challenge but I’ve trained like it is anyway. That’s all you need to know” Fury said in an interview on The Lowdown.

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Fury’s partner, Molly-Mae, has recently given birth to a baby girl. However, the half-brother of Tyson Fury is happy with the way camp has gone for the most important bout of his boxing career so far.

“Everything’s going amazing…There are certain sacrifices as I fighter I have to make. I have a big fight coming up and I took that into consideration. I’ve got an amazing partner in Molly, now an amazing mother to my little girl and she really is doing everything, going above and beyond to make sure I have the easiest and best training camp yet.”

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