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The Top 2020 College Football Recruits

As ever, we learn lessons from the past and – as ever – we must look forward to the future. If you are interested in College Football Betting then it is always a good idea to keep a close eye on the upcoming players. Here we look at a number of the top College Football recruits for 2020. It may be election year but let’s focus on what’s most important, after all!

Bryan Bresee
Hailing form Damascus, Maryland, Bresee is the USA’s top defensive prospect. He’s something of a giant – at 6’5” and 290 pounds. Considered a highly talented strong-side defensive player, Bresee is still receiving offers for 2020. Everyone is after Bresee. He has visited Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State and has committed to Clemson. This coup means they will probably have the best 2020 college football recruits on their hands, at least according to experts.


Jordan Burch
Springfield, South Carolina is very proud of this five-star defensive end and his prowess places him in the top five college football recruits for 2020. He had visited a number of SEC programs but it looks likely that he will opt for Clemson. In Burch they will get one of the future’s brightest defensive stars but you never know – he may opt for somewhere closer to home and finish up at South Carolina.


Julian Fleming
If it’s a receiver you are looking for, then your search will probably start and stop at Julian Fleming. A native of Catawissa, Pennsylvania, Burch has had offers from, well name the five-star destination and he’s been asked to go there. It could be that he chooses, like Burch, to stay close to home an go to Penn State but he has also recently visited Alabama, Clemson, Georgia, Ohio State and Oregon. Imagine if both he and Bresee ended up at Clemson – what a team that would make for 2020!


Myles Murphy
Murphy shares his name with an English painter who was famous for his mathematical approach to depictions of the human body. Well, you don’t need to be a math genius to see the potential that Murphy has. Coming out of Powder Springs, Georgia, he is a 6’4” powerhouse of a defender. He has already committed – you will see him at Clemson in 2020. No doubt his superb reputation for active chasing down plays from the backside and downfield will serve him well there.


Justin Flowe
Committed to Clemson he will join Murphy and Bresee in 2020 no doubt to a rapturous welcome. He is already ranked the #1 ranked linebacker in the country. From Upland, California, Flowe also has another amazing skill that you may not be aware of. He can do picturesque squats of nearly 600 pounds. This makes him very, very strong. Joining a number of other players on our list at Clemson, it makes it entirely likely that this university in South Carolina has a massive advantage over other teams in 2020.


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