The top three sports that provide punters with the most value to bet on?


One thing the world is not short of these days is sports to bet on

Chances are if you’ve played it at some stage in your life, no matter how obscure, you can now probably bet on a professional version. From badminton to soccer, it’s all there for you at just a click of a button. With that said, what sport gives punters the best value and potentially the highest returns?

It’s worth saying to start off with that even if you find the most lucrative odds on a particular sport, a little bit of prior homework always goes a long way when making the final call.

There are always underlying subplots developing in the world of sports that make a sure thing less so. A lot of the time, being in the know and up-to-date with a certain sporting code before punting on it can be hugely advantageous.

Without any further ado, here are the top three sports that provide punters with the most value.


The odds on the outright winner before a golf tournament starts are full of value. Take for instance this year’s Masters tournament coming up, even a guy like Tiger Woods is at 14/1 to win which should tell you everything you need to know about capitalizing on the odds before the first tee shot is hit.

In Woods’ case, he is the defending champion as well after he stormed to the 2019 title. If the previous winner and greatest golfer of all time is at 14/1, then you can be sure you’ll find great value all over the winner’s market. There is no greater example of that than three-time Masters winner Phil Mickelson being priced at 50/1 to win at Augusta National in November.

Horse racing

Horse racing is another sport that will give you very long and enticing odds on potential winners. Every so often, a horse priced at extremely long odds will come through the field and win, just like Killahara Castle did when she won a race in Ireland during December 2017 after being valued at 200/1 to do so.

If you want to bet on horse racing then Betfair has a list of the upcoming meets that will show all the odds on the favorites as well as outsiders, just like Killahara Castle was. Indeed, in the blink of an eye, the horse that everyone has written-off can make history and, in doing so, also provide a handsome profit.


Upsets happen aplenty in soccer and who can forget Leicester City winning the Premier League after being priced at 5000/1 to do so. Of course, the outright odds are always going to be higher at the start of the season but it is also the value you get every weekend that makes soccer highly profitable.

If Liverpool are taking on Watford for example, then the Reds are going to be backed heavily to win whilst the Hornets are going to be at long odds of around 10/1. But we all know that a soccer match is 11 v 11 and lasts 90 minutes, anything can happen, just like it did in February when Watford beat Liverpool 3-0.

For punters looking for maximum value, it’s all about playing the odds and then leaving the rest to the sporting gods who often have quite a wicked sense of humor.

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