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Top 10 Cricket Players of All Time

Sachin Tendulkar at the MCG
Sachin Tendulkar warming up before the Australia India 4th ODI Feb 10 2008 at the MCG. Image Credit: Flying Cloud
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In this article, we will examine the top 10 cricket players of all time, considering their records, impact on the game, and contributions to their respective teams.

Cricket, often referred to as the “gentleman’s game,” has witnessed numerous legends who have left an indelible mark on the sport.

These players have shown exceptional skill, dedication, and consistency throughout their careers, earning their place in the Top 10 Best Cricket Players of All Time.

1. Sir Don Bradman

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Nationality: Australian

The Iconic Figure

Sir Donald Bradman, known simply as “The Don,” stands as the embodiment of cricketing excellence. Born on August 27, 1908, in New South Wales, Australia, Bradman’s impact on the game remains unparalleled. His career, which spanned from 1928 to 1948, is marked by a staggering batting average of 99.94 in Test cricket, a record that is unlikely to ever be surpassed.

Batting Prowess

Bradman’s technique, precision, and ability to dominate bowlers made him a cricketing legend. He scored 6,996 runs in just 52 Tests, including 29 centuries. One of his most remarkable achievements was his 334 against England at Headingley in 1930, which at the time was the highest individual score in Test cricket.

Impact on the Game

Apart from his astonishing numbers, Bradman’s influence extended beyond the pitch. He was a respected captain and a true ambassador for the sport.

His contributions to cricket earned him a knighthood in 1949, and he remained involved with the game until his passing in 2001.

2. Sachin Tendulkar

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Nationality: Indian

The Little Master

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, often referred to as the “Little Master” or “Master Blaster,” is a cricketing legend hailing from India. Born on April 24, 1973, in Mumbai, Tendulkar is widely regarded as one of the greatest batsmen of all time. His illustrious career spanned from 1989 to 2013, during which he shattered numerous records and became a national icon.

Run Machine

Tendulkar holds the record for the highest run-scorer in both Test and One-Day International (ODI) cricket. In Test cricket, he amassed 15,921 runs in 200 matches, including 51 centuries. In ODIs, he scored 18,426 runs in 463 matches, with 49 centuries.

Cricket’s Global Ambassador

What set Tendulkar apart were his impeccable technique, flawless timing, and the ability to adapt to different formats of the game. His straight drives, cover drives, and upper-cut sixes became synonymous with his batting style.

Tendulkar’s century of international centuries (100 international centuries) is a testament to his consistency and longevity in the game.

3. Sir Viv Richards

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Nationality: West Indian (Antiguan)

The Master Blaster

Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards, born on March 7, 1952, in Antigua, was a West Indian cricketing icon known for his fearless and aggressive style of play.

Richards was a dominant presence in the cricketing world during the late 1970s and 1980s.

Dominance in the 1970s and 1980s

Richards was a force to be reckoned with, both as a batsman and a captain. He possessed a swagger that instilled fear in bowlers. His Test career, spanning from 1974 to 1991, saw him score 8,540 runs in 121 matches at an average of 50.23, including 24 centuries. In ODIs, he scored 6,721 runs in 187 matches, playing a pivotal role in West Indies’ successes.

Impact on West Indies Cricket

One of his most memorable performances came in the 1979 World Cup final against England, where he scored a blistering century, helping West Indies secure their second consecutive World Cup title.

4. Sir Garry Sobers

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Nationality: West Indian (Barbadian)

The All-Round Genius

Sir Garfield St Aubrun Sobers, born on July 28, 1936, in Barbados, is widely regarded as one of the greatest all-rounders in the history of cricket. Sobers’ versatility as a player set him apart from his contemporaries. His Test career, spanning from 1954 to 1974, saw him excel in both batting and bowling.

A True All-Rounder

As a batsman, Sobers was elegant and powerful. He was the first cricketer to score a Test match triple century, an astonishing 365 not out against Pakistan in 1958, a record that stood for over three decades. In total, he scored 8,032 runs in 93 Tests, including 26 centuries.

Versatility and Impact

However, it wasn’t just his batting that made Sobers legendary. He was a left-arm fast-medium bowler and a proficient spinner.

His ability to swing and seam the ball made him a potent force. Sobers claimed 235 wickets in Test cricket.

5. Sir Jack Hobbs

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Nationality: English

The Master of a Bygone Era

Sir John Berry Hobbs, born on December 16, 1882, in Surrey, England, was one of the most prolific English cricketers of all time. Hobbs was an opening batsman known for his exceptional technique and consistency.

Prolific Run-Scorer

Hobbs’ first-class career spanned from 1905 to 1934, during which he scored over 61,000 runs and registered 197 centuries, a testament to his remarkable longevity and run-scoring ability.

In Test cricket, he scored 5,410 runs in 61 matches, including 15 centuries.

Influence on English Cricket

Hobbs’ impeccable front-foot play and his ability to adapt to different conditions made him a revered figure in English cricket. He played a key role in England’s successes in the early 20th century.

6. Sir Richard Hadlee

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Nationality: New Zealand

The Kiwi Maestro

Sir Richard John Hadlee, born on July 3, 1951, in Christchurch, New Zealand, was a legendary fast bowler who played a pivotal role in raising the profile of New Zealand cricket. Hadlee’s ability to swing and seam the ball at a lively pace made him a formidable opponent.

Pioneering Fast Bowling

Hadlee’s Test career, spanning from 1973 to 1990, saw him take 431 wickets—a record for the most wickets by a New Zealand bowler at the time of his retirement. His effectiveness with both the new and old ball made him a genuine match-winner.

In addition to his bowling prowess, Hadlee was a more-than-capable batsman, scoring over 3,000 runs in Test cricket, including two centuries.

Elevating New Zealand Cricket

One of his most memorable performances came in the 1985-86 series against Australia, where he took 33 wickets in just three Tests, a display of skill and tenacity that earned him widespread acclaim.

7. Sir Ian Botham

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Nationality: English

The ‘Beefy’ All-Rounder

Sir Ian Botham, the charismatic English all-rounder, was a true match-winner with his explosive batting and potent seam bowling. His career from 1977 to 1992 was marked by memorable performances.

Match-Winning Performances

Botham’s ability to turn games on their head is exemplified by his 14 Test centuries and 383 Test wickets. His incredible feats, including the famous Headingley Test of 1981, cemented his status as a cricketing legend.

Energizing English Cricket

Botham’s charisma and fighting spirit galvanized English cricket during challenging periods.

He remains an inspiration for generations of cricketers, emphasizing the importance of self-belief.

8. Sir Anil Kumble

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Nationality: Indian

The Tenacious Leg Spinner

Sir Anil Kumble, India’s premier leg-spinner, was a bowler of remarkable skill and tenacity. His illustrious career from 1990 to 2008 saw him become India’s highest wicket-taker in Test cricket.

Record-Breaking Spinner

Kumble’s 619 Test wickets at an average of 29.65 underscore his effectiveness as a spinner in the longest format of the game.

His ability to consistently trouble batsmen with his accuracy and variations made him a standout performer.

Captaincy and Mentorship

Kumble’s leadership as India’s captain and his mentoring role in the Indian Premier League (IPL) have further solidified his legacy. His contributions to Indian cricket extend beyond his on-field exploits.

9. Shane Warne

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Nationality: Australian

Early Life and Rise to Stardom

Born on September 13, 1969, in Ferntree Gully, Victoria, Australia, Shane Keith Warne’s cricketing journey began in his backyard, where he honed his leg-spin skills. His international debut for Australia in 1992 marked the start of an extraordinary career.

Record-Breaking Spinner

Warne achieved unparalleled success, amassing 700 Test wickets, and captivating fans with his mesmerizing leg-spin deliveries, famously known as ‘Warnies.’

His fierce on-field demeanour and charisma made him a cricketing legend.

Ashes Glory and Captaincy

The 2005 Ashes series showcased Warne’s brilliance as he led Australia and engaged in iconic battles with the world’s top batsmen.

He briefly captained the team, leaving his mark as an unconventional leader.

Legacy and Farewell

Shane Warne retired in 2007 but continued to influence the game as a commentator and coach. His unexpected passing on March 4, 2022, left a void in the cricketing world, but his legacy as a spin king endures.

10. Imran Khan

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Nationality: Pakistan

Early Life and Cricketing Journey

Imran Khan, a charismatic figure in the cricketing world, was known for his leadership on and off the field. His all-round abilities and captaincy prowess made him an icon.

Born in Lahore, Pakistan, in 1952, Imran Khan’s journey to cricketing stardom was marked by determination. He made his Test debut in 1971 and soon became the face of Pakistani cricket.

World Cup Triumph and Leadership

Imran Khan’s crowning achievement was leading Pakistan to its first-ever World Cup victory in 1992.

His leadership and all-around contributions remain etched in cricketing folklore, completing our top 10 best cricket players of all time.


The top 10 best cricket players of all time, as appraised in this analysis, represent a diverse range of talents, eras, and contributions to the game. These legends have left an indelible mark on cricket’s history, inspiring generations of cricketers and fans worldwide.

While their individual styles and strengths vary, their shared legacy is a testament to the enduring appeal and richness of the sport of cricket. As we celebrate their achievements, we are reminded of the timeless beauty of the game and the enduring spirit of those who have graced its hallowed fields. That rounds off our top 10 best cricket players of all time, Check our other Top 10 lists


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