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Tyson Fury Stays Undefeated After Victory Over Christian Hammer

At the O2 Arena in London tonight, Tyson Fury (24-0, 18 KOs) beat Christian Hammer after the Romanian born German retired on his stool at the end of the 8th round.

Fury totally dominated from the start and Christian Hammer (17-4, 10 KOs) failed to land any clean shots throughout the fight. Fury was just going through the motions, picking off his opponent at will. Fury was just toying with Hammer in this one-sided fight.

A confident Fury had taken the early rounds as he danced around weaving away from his opponents attempted jabs,

Fury started to land the sharper shots, he landed a with a quick uppercut at the end of round two which seemed to rock Hammer and then Fury followed-up with neat work letting off a combo of punches.

Throughout the fight the Manchester fighter seamlessly switched between orthodox and southpaw landing effective shots.

Tyson Fury did well fighting behinds his jab, dominating his opponent. Hammer was throwing wild punches with the Manchester fighter able to avoid them with ease while landing counter-punches.

Hammer on the odd occasion managed to get through to the 6’9” Fury while he had his hands down by his side taunting his opponent and then respond crisp counter shots.

Hammer continued with throw wild punches in to the seventh round and Fury was able to land big body shots.

Hammer’s corner has seen enough at the end of 8th round and threw in the towel, retiring the fighter on the stall to save their him from anymore punishment.

Tyson Fury has furthered his chances of a world title fight against Wladimir Klitschko as his next in-line to challenge for the WBO title which the Ukrainian currently holds.

Speaking after the fight, Tyson Fury said:

“I’m here to entertain,” Fury told BoxNation at ringside. “I came here to box a very worthy opponent who was very tough.

“He took a lot of punishment and his corner knew they had to pull him out. I was going through the motions, really. It was a bit of flair and tear.

“I have come a long, long way in the last three or four years. I went back to basic for this fight, and I’m a much improved fighter. And that’s why I’m ready for Klitschko next.”


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