Warriors-Raptors Game 2 Analysis

Raptros vs Warriors

Here we go, another game, another day. Today we are in Jurassic Park, Toronto, Canada, where former- U.S president Barack Obama decided to pay a visit. I will be writing this article the same way I wrote the last one, I will review each quarter, from what I was able to see.

1st quarter: Raptors up 27 to 26

This quarter was the most entertaining quarter out of the 5 quarters that were played. The Warriors seemed to make their adjustments, it seemed as if, the Warriors figured. The Raptors meanwhile, had a hard time adjusting to the Warriors new style of defense. However, the Raptors were able to keep up, with the help of Gasol’s passing and Siakam being, well Siakam. It also helped the Raptors that Leonard was double teamed, just like in game 1. This was the biggest weakness to the Warriors in the first quarter. The two teams kept close, and the first quarter was fought well.

2nd quarter: Raptors up 59 to 54

It seemed as if the Warriors collapsed. The Warriors were at one point down by double digits in the second quarter, they looked like the Warriors from Game 1, but 10 times worse. The Raptors took control of the game. They dunked all over the Warriors. I did not watch a lot of this quarter, but every time I looked at my T.V, the Warriors turned over the ball. Later on during the quarter, the Warriors came back, because the Raptors started struggling. It is as if, the Warriors passed on their struggling disease to the Raptors.

3rd quarter: Warriors up 88-80

It took the Raptors more than 5 minutes to score. The Warriors went on a 18-0 run, yes an 18-0 run!!! The Raptors were just turning over the ball everywhere. They were getting the offensive rebounds, but they just could not score for those 5 minutes. The Raptors were making stupid mistakes. They were giving away the ball almost every single possession. Meanwhile, the Warriors offense was on fire. They could not have been stopped. The Raptors were struggling in transition. The Warriors were super aggressive. The Raptors started coming back in the end, as they adjusted. The Warriors just like in past series they made a comeback in the third quarter. But Jurassic Park, will not rest I believe.

4th quarter: 109-104 Warriors win

The Raptors tried really really hard to comeback, but they just could not get it done. The Warriors bench players stepped up in the 4th and really hit some clutch shots. Specifically, Iguodala, who hit a clutch 3 pointer to ice the Raptors. The Raptors were coming back, because the Warriors were getting tired. But lets not forget, Klay Thompson was injured during the game.

In my opinion, this game was 10 times better than Game 1 of this series. The game was really back and forth and unexpected. The Raptors should have won this game, but they were absolutely awful in the third. Leonard was hobbling throughout the game, which did not stop him from scoring 35 points. On the other side, Thompson scored 25 points, before getting injured. His injury by the way was really stupid in a way. He tried to get a foul, while shooting and landed awkwardly. Leonard was been injured throughout game 2, but was still on fire, so I give him props really. On the rebound side of the game Leonard led both teams with 14, while Green led the Warriors with 10. Assist wise, Green led with 9, while Siakam led the Raptors with 5.


I believe the Warriors will take the next game, but I can see the Raptors coming back from down 3-1. Both teams need to re group and start playing amazing basketball, not just good.

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