WWE needs to take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off Brock Lesnar


Recently Brock Lesnar returned to WWE programming to begin the build up to his title defence against John Cena at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view in January. It is imperative that he beats John Cena at the Royal Rumble but after that WWE must take the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off him.

At SummerSlam Brock Lesnar defeated John Cena and won the WWE World Heavyweight Championship off him, he then defended it against Cena at Night of Champions, but after that Lesnar disappeared from WWE programming.

In this time WWE has moved on with its programming, managing to take away some attention from the WWE World Heavyweight Championship but this has negatively impacted on the main event scene and the programming in general. WWE’s main event scene is symbolised by the presence of the world title however the main event can’t be promoted the way it should be when WWE has a world champion that is a part-time wrestler.

Over the past three pay-per-views WWE has failed to find a selling point that works as well as the world championship and as a result the events have suffered. The current main event feuds in WWE have highlighted the shortcomings of the creative team as they don’t possess enough substance to warrant main event matches.

WWE has done well to promote Brock Lesnar as an unbeatable beast and it makes sense to put the world title on that kind of character however, for the idea to work, the title must be on a full-time wrestler.

Brock Lesnar’s title reign has put WWE in an odd position because they’re trying to push their product without the world title and that makes no sense due to the fact that the main attraction of any wrestling promotion is the world title.

Over the past few months the WWE World Heavyweight Championship has lost a lot of relevance which has in turn damaged its prestige, which only reflects badly on WWE.

For WWE to restore prestige to its world title and its product, it needs to have Brock Lesnar lose the title as soon as possible after the Royal Rumble pay-per-view so that fans can remember that it still exists.

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