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Blame Boehly! Not Pochettino

Chelsea Football Club, Stamford Bridge
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Five points from five games is simply not good enough, but is Mauricio Pochettino really at fault?

“Give me time,” “They (the owners) are disappointed, they arrived at the club and are so excited to build a project. “Of course they feel disappointed but at the same time they need to support the plan.””We need to be aware about what is going on but in some way we need to be calm because the team is creating, the team is alive, the team is fighting every single action,” 

Pochettino: BBC Sport

Todd Boehly has £291.65m this summer on the likes of Nicholas Jackson and Robert Sanchez, but results are not going their way, as the Blues have one victory in the first five games.

But you sort of feel that Chelsea is pushing the panic button a little too early again this season as they did with Tuchel at the start of 2022-23, and there is a fear that the same may happen to Pochettino, if results don’t start going his way.

However, even though this is Chelsea’s worst start ever start the season, it’s not all doom and gloom.

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Robert Sanchez has conceded six goals in six games, with two clean sheets, which means they are maybe starting to become a little solid at the back.

The real concern is scoring goals.

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Chelsea signed Nicholas Jackson, who likes to run in behind defenders, But if you look at the history of Chelsea strikers i.e. Didier Drogba and Diego Costa, they strike fear in the opposition’s defenders, because of their all-round attributes as a striker.

Also, if the Blues were looking at a young striker with huge potential, why didn’t they try to sign another top-quality striker, to keep Jackson on his toes, and to make him aware that he has to perform week in and week out, or there is somebody to replace him.

Armando Broja is a good player, but is he a Drogba or Costa? I don’t think so.

I know Pochettino is a manager who likes to play possession-based football, but you need a striker, who has the all-around package like Harry Kane or Earling Haaland, who can provide assists as well as be lethal in front of goal.

If Chelsea had a striker of that level, then some of those defeats and draws may have turned into victories.

What is Todd Boehly’s Aim?

According to Foothebal.com, Boehly’s aim is to ensure Chelsea has the best young players who would make Chelsea one of the top teams in the world after fulfilling their potential.

But to do that, you need to give a manager time, to develop a relationship with the players, and that is why axing Pochettino from the club, would be a harsh thing to do at this stage of the season.

It’s like asking a builder to build you a five or six-bedroom house with an on-suite. You can’t get it done in one month, it’s got to be a long-term project, and if Bohely wants to make Chelsea flourish again, he either needs to stick with the long-term plan of Pochettino, or go down the same ruthless route as Abramovich, which is to keep sacking managers after a winless streak of games.

At the moment, it feels unclear to the fans as to what the future of Chelsea Football Club will look like, due to the problems both on and off the pitch.

And that was clear after Todd Boehly had sacked Thomas Tucchel, who had the 6th-best win percentage behind Guus Hiddink, Jose Mourinho, Avram Grant, Maurizio Sarri, John Tait Robertson, and Carlo Ancelotti.

The League Cup game on Wednesday night against an in-form Brighton & Hove Alboin followed by the West London Derby and Burnley, are three crucial games in which the Blues must win not just to save Pochettino’s job, but to gain back some confidence in the toughest test against Arsenal on 21st October.

If I were Todd Boehly, I would wait until December after we have played Fulham, Burnley, Arsenal, Brentford, Spurs, and Manchester City, and see if Pochettino can get 12 out of 18 points in those six games if he does that, he stays, if he doesn’t, then sack him.

Given the fact that his record against City and Arsenal isn’t that great. you would expect those two fixtures and possibly DeZerbi’s Seagulls to be the most difficult, but this is the Premier League, so anything can happen.

Can Pochetino repay the faith that the club has on him, and get them back to winning ways?

Find out on World In Sport.

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