Can City Dominate World Football?

Five League Titles, four League Cups, two FA Cups, and now the UEFA Champions League, this juggernaut of a team is just unstoppable at the moment, and they have the potential to dominate world football for the next couple of years.

And it all starts with Rodri’s stunning strike in the 68th minute, which seals a 1-0 win over Inter Milan.

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But what makes this team click into gear, is that they have an unbelievable manager, as well as a quality squad of players to choose from.

John Stones and Ruben Dias have formed a formidable partnership at the back over the past few seasons, but the addition of Manuel Akanji has given Pep Guardiola the luxury of resting and rotating his players.

And having a world-class keeper like Ederson makes this team almost impossible to beat as he proved with his world-class save to deny Romelu Lukaku an equalizer in the 88th minute.

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Ederson kept seven clean sheets in 11 matches for City in the Champions League this season and it has been the back four as well as himself, that has given City the luxury of playing their wonderful brand of free-flowing attacking football.

And the addition of Erling Haaland, who arrived in the summer of 2022, has now made them an even more formidable team to face in any game away or at home.

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The Norwegian superstar scored a total of 52 goals in all competitions this season, and he has made the opposition a nightmare in terms of trying to stop him from scoring.

He also holds the record for the most goals in an English top-flight League season (36) since Everton’s Dixie Dean in the First Division in 1927-28.

‘In my wildest dreams I would never think of this as a 22-year old me to be honest.’ But again it shows that it’s possible for a guy from a small town in Norway and this also gives more motivation for other young people that were in my same situation playing football the indoor hall in my home town, so it’s unbelieable.

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But to make a world-class team you need a world-class manager, who has won this competition twice before Saturday’s final. Bayern Munich and Barcelona have always been giants of European football, but ever since Etihad took over the club in 2008, Sheikh Mansour wanted to make the club successful and has already tasted success with Roberto Mancini and Manuel Pellegrini, it was obvious that after dominating England for six years, they now wanted success in Europe, and who better than to appoint a tactical genius like Guardiola.

 “Especially this season, the entire world has said if we don’t win the Champions League we will not be complete, it will not be enough.

“Winning these five Premier Leagues and arriving in three semi-finals, and two finals, is exceptional, but everyone says, ‘no, you have to win’.

Guardiola: Morining Star

Another of the standout performers for City over the past few seasons has been Kevin De Bruyne, and although he only lasted 36 minutes of the Final, he was quick to praise his family for the success.

“I don’t know why my wife said in August: ‘You’re going to win the Champions League,’ but she always maintained I would,” De Bruyne said. “She said before the game: ‘You’ll be fine, you’ll win it.’ In the end, it’s a little bit of a shame because I have to tell her she was right. So that’s not the best.”

De Bruyne: The Gaurdian

De Bruyne was the top assist for City this season, with 28 in all competitions, along with 10 goals.

Although you feel that you are on top of the world after winning the most prestigious prize in club football, it’s also important to pay tribute to your opponents, and that’s exactly what Captain Ilkay Gündoğan did.

“I had lost two Champions League finals, so I know what it means to be beaten,” “I tried to congratulate Inter players because they have had an exceptional season, playing excellent football. They have an incredible team and I wanted to tell them that. “I’ve been chasing this cup for 10 years, since the knockout against Bayern. Now I’m trying to enjoy everything. Tonight I’m the happiest person in the world.”

Gündoğan: Sempri Inter

The Champions League is Manchester City’s second European trophy after they won the Cup Winners’ Cup in 1969/70 defeating Polish side Górnik Zabrze 2-1 in the Final.

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And the fact that they had lost 1-0 to Chelsea in the 2021 Final, makes this victory even more special, as Guardiola’s side was one of the favorites along with Real Madrid

So to get over the line in this manner must be so satisfying for Gaurdiola’s side.

And with the squad improving season by season, this could be a period of domination for Manchester City.

For more information on City’s magnificent Champions League win, visit World in Sport.

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