Froch to Return?

News broke this week that Carl Froch could be tempted into a return to the ring for a super fight with Gennady Golovkin. The Nottingham man hasn’t been seen in the ring since May 2014 and could of been out the ring for 3 years before the fight goes ahead. The question is simple would anyone want to see this fight. The unbeaten Kazakh against the Retired Brit. Here’s why the fight makes little sense to me.

First things first Froch doesn’t need the money. He has self managed very well building a tidy property portfolio over the years as well as the money he earnt from his world title fights over the years ending with the box office fight against George Groves at Wembley Stadium. He also has two young children and would he really want to take a risk against Golovkin who is probably the most dangerous man on the planet right now.

Next you have to ask yourself this, would you want to see this fight? Whether you love or hate Froch surely the Boxing purists would bee against this. There are much bigger fights fans would like to see Golovkin in. Undoubtedly this fight would be Box Office so anyone who couldn’t make the fight would have to pay the 15 pound to watch the fight and where would it be?

Would it sell out a football stadium? Would it sell out Wembley? Maybe to the first but I highly doubt this would sell out Wembley and with Froch currently ending his career at the national stadium it makes little sense to try and emulate that one more time. A fight at the City Ground in Nottingham would appeal to Froch but to run the risk of ending your career at your home town with loss really doesn’t seem worth it. Add to this the fact that Golovkin looks to be tied up with Daniel Jacobs next not to mention the potential fight with Saul Alvarez which all boxing fans want to see Froch does mt seem to fit into the equation. Also does Froch take a warm up fight? What if he does? What if he was to lose that?

For me if the fight would of happened in 2014 or 2015 I would of been very excited at the idea of it happening now though just doesn’t work for me. It would be a big name on both fighters records but when its all said an done Froch doesn’t need that name and Golovkin needs a more relevant name if he wants the recognition of the part time boxing fans. Froch as already been quoted as saying that Golovkin couldn’t him and possibly in prime that may of been true but right now I only see one winner. As a big Froch fan I want to see him stay retired.

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