German Marquez Should Be a Hot Trade Commodity in the MLB

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The MLB has a lot of teams who can compete for a playoff spot. The expanded playoffs allows for teams who were not contenders to have a real shot at the postseason. I can see a team like the White Sox trying to make a big splash to put them in the 6th seed to knock out the weakest divisional winner. There’s one guy who teams looking to acquire a pitcher should be talking to the Colorado Rockies about a German Marquez trade

A Top Pitcher in the MLB

Since 2018 when you use park adjusted stats, German Marquez is a VERY good pitcher. Among stats like xFIP-, FIP-, and SIERA, he’s near the top of the league.

2018-2019 ERA- FIP- xFIP- SIERA SO/9
German Marquez 30th 19th 11th 12th 17th

Is German Marquez elite? Not necessarily, but he’s definitely a top 20 pitcher. People will easily dismiss him though for his 4.23 ERA since 2018. I strongly believe that just looking at ERA is misleading and this is why:

He pitches in Coors Field, and there’s a park factor to adjust to.

Coors Field is a Bandbox

At Coors Field, the runs factor is 1.394 (1st), 1.266 Home Runs (3rd), 2.148 Triples (1st), 1.314 Doubles (2nd), and 1.300 Hits (1st). This is an absolute hitter’s heaven and if German Marquez can pitch in any other ball park I believe he’s going to do very well in another ballpark. He has a career 3.68 ERA outside of Coors and I think he will be at a 3.50 ERA if he goes to any other team, with an above 1 strikeout per inning ratio.

When you bring in a pitcher you want someone who you have a high floor on so that if they aren’t great they still are serviceable. Think about it, if he has a 4.23 ERA as a Colorado Rockie, I don’t think he will do any worse than that. His floor is a 4.23 ERA, and that’s with 255 innings at Coors Field.

Best part is? He’s so team friendly.

Great Contract For Whoever Lands Him

German Marquez has arguably the most team friendly contract in the league. He has 5 years $43 million on his contract, with the 5th year being a club option. This is an AMAZING contract and makes him an insanely good trade to make at the right price of prospects. You don’t start paying him money in the 8 digit range until 2022, and then you have the club option year in 2025 where he can get paid $16 million or you can choose to let him go if the trade wasn’t as great as planned. The great contract helps create a big green light to make a German Marquez trade.

You can easily have a player with a low impact to your salary with a a high impact to your team. He’s a good pitcher on a good deal, so who has the assets to make such a trade?

Potential Suitors for a German Marquez Trade

To be part of the German Marquez trade, you need a farm system. This is why I think the White Sox are the team most poised to land him if he gets traded as they have a deep farm system and a need for starters. They could trade off some good prospect, land a number 2 for the starting staff to go with Lucas Giolito for the long-run. Another suitor would be the Padres with their farm AND their pitcher friendly park. Landing him also gives them a number 2, this time pairing with Chris Paddack. I could argue the Athletics should do it because they get a starter AND he’s going to be cheap for the next 5 seasons.

German Marquez is a great asset for any team who wants a premium starter, and will succeed wherever he goes.

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