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Russell Wilson Is An All-Time Great QB

Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson, 0 MVPs, 0 MVP votes, 0 respect. He is one of the best quarterbacks I’ve ever seen, and he is showing himself to be regarded as Seattle Seahawks greatest QB. Russell Wilson at every stage of his career has consistently been elite and has carried the Seahawks into relevancy. He is underrated, has been elite, and has been one of the best QBs in the NFL since he’s gotten here. How is it that he’s never gotten the consideration …

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Russell Wilson

NFL Week 4: Let’s Pick-Em!


Week 4 of the NFL season was started with an abysmal Thursday Night Football game. The Broncos (1-3) and the Jets (0-4) went to battle and the Broncos’ third string QB captured Denver’s first win of the year. Despite countless injuries to their offense somehow and someway the Broncos dropped 37 points on Sam Darnold’s woeful Jets. The slate of games for today are looking to have some fun matchups as a bunch of inter-conference games are slated for the …

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The Cleveland Browns Are Looking Up


The Cleveland Browns have a team that had a ton of questions this year. They came into the game against the Bengals unsure of how they were going to get their offense going. While the Bengals aren’t at all a good defense, it’s still hard to play those divisional games and win. The AFC North is known for brutally cold weather that makes it nearly impossible to stay sharp, yet they were sharp offensively. They didn’t play a perfect game …

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Why Did the Clippers Fail in the NBA Playoffs?

Why Did The Clippers Fail In The Nba Playoffs?

Let’s make one thing clear; the Nuggets won that series because they were a better team than the Clippers. They outplayed the Clippers in the NBA playoffs, plain and simple. Yes the Clippers did underperform, it was due to the Nuggets were elite. They were one of the hottest teams in the bubble and they’ve gotten it done. Jamal Murray has developed into an elite scorer, the Joker has kept up his elite play, and their shooting has been devastating. …

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The Miami Heat Have Let Great Shooting Win Big

Ap Heat Bucks Basketball

The Miami Heat currently sit at 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Milwaukee Bucks. They aren’t playing the injured Pacers, they aren’t playing some team without their star. The Miami Heat are beating the #1 seed in the whole NBA in the Milwaukee Bucks. This is a team that has been destroying opponents all year, with multiple dominant performances against great teams like against the Clippers, Raptors, and Celtics. They looked like a buzzsaw until they ran into …

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AP Heat Bucks Basketball

Teams Shouldn’t Pay NFL Running Backs a Lot Anymore

Titans Giants Henry Run

A call for a running play seems to be a play that’s low risk for a high reward. Less of a chance of an interception being thrown, less of a chance of a turnover, and it’s a way to wear out an defensive line. It’s very vital to a good offense to have solid NFL running backs that can get a good amount of yards per attempt even in pass heavy offenses. That being said, paying them a ton of …

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titans giants henry run

Stephen Curry Is Better than Damian Lillard


Max Kellerman made a bold statement referring to Damian Lillard as Stephen Curry who gets better in the playoffs. Stephen A. Smith referred to Dame as the best player in the world. These statements are…baffling. Damian Lillard is a top 10 player in the NBA and an elite offensive weapon. When the TrailBlazers are fully healthy they can be a championship caliber team. That being said, there is not a world where Damian Lillard is a better basketball player than …

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