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Updated: Jan 15, 2021 7:32 am

Is the green your happy place? Do you find yourself heading out to play golf in spring, summer, autumn and winter? Then it’s probably time to invest in a pair of golf waterproofs. Whilst a decent pair of waterproof golf trousers and a matching jacket can set you back a bit, it can be a worthy investment if you’re a keen player. But how do you get the most out of your golf waterproofs to ensure you’re getting your
money’s worth?

For some top tips on choosing the right men’s golf waterproofs that you can use year
after year – read on.

#1 Try before you buy

Okay, so we’ve established that golf waterproofs can cost a pretty penny, so why would you ever consider buying them before you know how they feel? Of course, you can send items back if they don’t feel right, but wouldn’t you rather save yourself the time and hassle?

One of the crucial elements you want to be looking out for in your golf waterproofs is comfort, because the truth is you could be wearing them for hours at a time. Even if it keeps you bone dry, the last thing you want is to be restricted by an uncomfortable, ill-fitting waterproof golf jacket. You’re looking for breathability, durability and the
freedom to swing unhindered. So – tip number one is to always try before you buy wherever possible. Retailers
such as Clarkes’ Golf offer an extensive online store where you can make convenient online purchases, but they also have a large shop based in St Helens where you can take a look for yourself and see how things fit before you hand over your hard-earned cash.

#2 Shop for convenience

Like with most things, not all men’s golf waterproofs have been created equal, so it’s important to do your research and shop around before you make your decision. One factor you want to be looking for is convenience because let’s face it – if you’re caught in a downpour mid-swing, the last thing you want to do is be faffing around
with waterproof coats and trousers.

Many of the best brands in golf waterproofs will make their clothing stretchy and easy to slip on and off over your regular clothes. Opting for waterproof golf trousers that have an elasticated waist for instance will help your game go smoothly in every eventuality.

Additionally, you want to be looking for pockets and zips wherever possible, allowing you to easily transfer everything you need from hole to hole with ease.

#3 Don’t neglect your extremities

There is often so much focus on keeping our upper body and legs warm and dry during a game of golf, that we often forget about our heads and hands. You use your hands throughout the game, so it makes sense that these too will need protection from the elements, right?

Invest your money wisely, allowing money to cover waterproof golfing gloves and hats. Trust us on this one. Warm, dry hands will help your game go ahead without a hitch, whilst a hat will ensure you stay cosy and dry even in the harshest of weathers. Perfect if you’re an all-year-round golf-enthusiast!

#4 Take good care of your golf waterproof suits

Choosing the right golf waterproofs is one thing, but how do you keep them looking as good as new for the next wet weather season? Once the sun makes it appearance, it shouldn’t be a case of out of sight out of mind for your waterproofs, so here are our tips for looking after them when you’re off the course:

● Always take them out of your golfing bag after the game and give them a wash. Damp clothes left to fester will smell dreadful and could even ruin them and your bag if left for too long.

● Once washed, ensure they are thoroughly dried. In some cases, using a tumble dryer can help the waterproof material tighten up, making it even more resistant to water. Always check the label as this is only the case for certain golf waterproofs.

● Once clean and dry, put them back in your bag, because you just never know when you will need them again!

Get your golf waterproofs in time for the wet seasons.

Unfortunately, we can’t tell you exactly when you will need golf waterproofs the most because let’s face it – the UK weather is wet a lot of the time. So, there really is no better time to get your next pair of golf waterproofs.
Luckily, Clarkes’ Golf has one of the most extensive collections of waterproof golf trousers, jackets and accessories from some of the best-known brands in the field.

And, with competitive prices on the lot, you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere better to suit your requirements. Browse the full collection of golf waterproofs, or if you’re unsure which will be best for you, get in touch with them today.


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