Is a Manny Pacquiao Return on the Cards?

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Updated: Jul 4, 2016 9:35 am

Filipino icon Manny Pacquiao could be in for a return to the Boxing ring, as rumours seem to suggest that he is considering to lace up the gloves again.

Pacquiao last fought in April, a fight that resulted in a fairly one sided victory over Timothy Bradley that completed the trilogy of fights that the two were putting together. Since that fight Pacquiao has left the Boxing game to pursue his political endeavors back home in the Philipines.

However recently rumours have emerged that Pacman could be returning to the sport of Boxing. These rumours were generated when Bob Arum (Pacquiao’s promoter) reserved October 15th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas for a possible Pacquiao fight. Further fuel was poured onto the metaphorical fire when Arum stated that they were in fact negotiating with Adrien Broner.

Personally I think that Manny would have enough to beat Broner. Pacquiao would be too fast for Broner and even though he goes under a political guise he hasn’t lost those blistering hands that have reconstructed the faces of De La Hoya and the like. Also, Broner has been known to have ‘stage fright’ when it comes to the big occasions, which is evident in how 2 of his biggest fights (versus Maidana and Porter) have ended in defeats.

Since Pacquiao’s introduction of faith into his life people have accused him of being too ‘nice’ to his opponents, and liking them too much. If Pacquiao was to fight Broner the American would dish out some of the harshest insults aimed at the Filipino, and as a result of Broner angering the beast I wouldn’t be surprised if Manny won this bout via knockout.

Two other possible opponents for a Pacquiao return are Keith Thurman and Terence Crawford, and after his victory over Shawn Porter Thurman said that he would ‘love’ a matchup with Pacquiao.

One opponent who isn’t in the equation for Manny’s comeback is Floyd Mayweather, as Bob Arum told sources that Pac’s next opponent will ‘definitiely not be Mayweather, as we have been told that he’s not ready to fight yet.

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