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Luck a Year Early?


 If Luck would of entered the draft, just like the 2012 he would of been the number one overall pick, that is what made Luck so popular that he was almost guaranteed to be number one no matter what year he entered. So let’s start with the draft.

In the 2011 draft Panthers had the first overall pick and select Heisman winner Cam Newton but if Andrew Luck were in the draft he would go to the Panthers and with Newton on the board for the Denver Broncos, which at the time the QB situation in Denver was far from solved (Peyton didn’t go until March of the Following year). They had Tim Tebow, who John Fox absolutely hated but the back up was Kyle Orton. So the broncos take Cam Newton over Von Miller. So with Newton going to Denver, that leaves Von Miller to Buffalo who drafted Marcell Dareus.

With the off field issues from Miller, the Bills would still take Dareus. Next is Cincinnati, they originally took AJ Green, with the opportunity to draft Von Miller, they would of taken it. So that leaves AJ Green to the Arizona Cardinals. With their pick they originally selected Patrick Peterson. But in that case, the cardinals needed a stud CB and WR, so who do they need first? The way I look at it is, offense wins game, but defense wins championships so, they take Patrick Peterson. Next comes up the Falcons but that pick was traded for by the Browns, but with a draft class as stacked, would the browns still trade? I’d say no.

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So with that Pick they take Julio Jones. Then instead of Jake Locker, the titans would of taken AJ Green. Let’s skip ahead to the 2012 draft. The panthers selected Cam Newton and finished with a record 6-10 and finished 3rd in the NFC south, but with Andrew Luck and vertical threats such as Steve Smith SR, Brandon Lafell and Greg Olson would they have that low of a record?Possibly not. With Luck, Lafell and Smith Sr and Olson I could see the Panthers finishing 12-4 and instead of taking a 3rd place finish, they would have second place and take the Atlanta Falcons spot in the playoffs.

Now, this is where it gets weird, in the playoffs that year, the Falcons faced the Giants (who went onto winning the super bowl ) but if the panthers were in that game instead of the Falcons, the panthers would of beat the Giants and they would never make the super bowl.

Instead the Panthers would face the packers and lost to the packers sending the Packers to the super bowl to face the Patriots and giving Aaron Rodgers a shot at his second super bowl instead of Eli Manning, but with the pace of the Patriots and the struggles that year from the packers, I would see the Patriots winning that game giving Tom Brady his 5th at the time and to date his 7th instead. It would also close the gap on argument on why Tom Brady is the GOAT of QB’s

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