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A Westerly High School graduate. I’ve played baseball for fourteen seasons. I live in Rhode Island and follow regional sports teams, primarily the Sox, Pats, Celtics, and UConn Huskies. My favorite players are Tom Brady, David Ortiz, Larry Bird, Xander Bogaerts, Mookie Betts, and Brandon Cooks.

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Playoff Baseball


Postseason baseball is here!!! All 163 games are done YES 163 games… at least for the Dodgers, Cubs, Brewers and Rockies. The MLB playoffs look better than ever. The Red Sox set a team record for 106 wins in a season. There are underdogs in the playoffs. So with that said; here are my predictions. In the AL Wild Card game I have the Athletics beating the Yankees In the NL Wild Card game I have the Rockies beating the …

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Steroids in Baseball

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Jason Giambi, Sammy Sosa, Manny Ramirez, Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez, Jeremy Giambi, Gary Sheffield, Barry Bonds. What do these players have in common? They all have an * next to their name because of steroids or other banned substances. One player we can add to the that list as of 5/15/2018 is Robinson Cano. One day after breaking his hand, Cano; was suspended by Major League Baseball for furosemide. Furosemide is a diuretic. Now; why would Major League Baseball suspend Robinson …

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Machado vs Boston


If you were told prior to a Red Sox/Orioles game that a player on the Orioles would create a big controversy that evening, you would make a huge wager on Manny Machado being one of the players involved  Anybody with half a brain and a basic knowledge of the Orioles roster would certainly say YES.  Machado had previously intentionally struck A’s catcher Stephen Vogt with his bat during his backswing multiple times, and even attempted launching his bat at the …

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Baseball is the Best

Baseball Pic

Baseball has changed lives of many people, including my own. In my eyes baseball has always been the greatest sport, but that has always been my opinion with no facts. So today, I am going to tell you some reasons why baseball is the greatest sport ever played. Baseball is the only sport where the winning team can’t “ice” the game. In football, the Quarterback can knee the ball and let the clock run for 40 seconds each time, In …

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Bartman not in Attendance?


  The scene is set, October 14, 2003, Mark Prior on the mound, Luis Castillo standing, staring down, waiting for the pitch. Paul  gives the sign, Prior with the delivery, Thom Brennaman with the call on FOX, “Again in the air, down the left field line. Alou… reaching into the stands… and couldn’t get it and is livid with a fan!” That fan was none other than Steve Bartman, otherwise known as “Public enemy number one”, at least in the …

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The Big Game


Many times the Yankees have played World Series against the Brooklyn Dodgers. They also played the Mets in 2000 and those were all nicknamed “The Subway Series”. I’ve heard the Series in 1985 with Kansas City vs. St. Louis called the “Show-Me Series” and the “I-70 showdown Series” since I-70 runs across the state between the two. In 1989 Oakland played San Francisco in the “Bay Bridge Series” or the “The Battle of the Bay”. I’ve even heard the 1944 World …

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What if Liquid Hiko stayed Liquid Hiko instead of being traded to Optic for Stanislaw

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Let’s take a break from the real world sports and take a trip to the world of E-Sports. Well for the break down both Hiko (Spencer Martin) and for Stanislaw,(Peter Jarguz). Both of the players have the same role on the team as IGL, or In-Game Leader While we are on the subject of the taking a break from the real world, why not check out different kinds of reels at Pink Panther Online Slot. Both players have had their …

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