Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: The Fight of the Century in Numbers

Floyd Mayweather Jr. was decalred the winner by unanimous decision at last night’s much anticipated mega-fight in the MGM Grand Las Vegas, walking away as the unified welterweight champion and remaining undefeated.

Two judges scored the fight as 116-112 and with another judging scoring it as 118-110, all in favor of Mayweather.

Final stats revealed that Mayweather connected 34% of punches, landing 148 punches out of 435.

Pacquiao connected 19% of his punches, landing 81 punches out of 429. Mayweather connected 25% of his jabs, landing 67 out of 267 jabs. Pacquiao’s jab stats were significantly lower, with Pacquiao landing 18 jabs out of 193, connecting only 9%.

Mayweather landed 81 power punches out of 168, leaving him with 48% of connected power punches. Pacquiao connected 27% of power punches, landing 63 out of 236 power punches.

The boxing match is being considered as one of the most lucrative boxing matches in the sport, with the purse being estimated around roughly $300 million. Pay-Per-View standard definition was priced at $90, while high-definition was priced at $100.

Mayweather, who made it a point to receive a 9-figure paycheck during negotiations, would receive 60%, win or lose, while Pacquiao would receive 40%. Tickets were limited to the public, being priced between $1,500 to $7,500.

Tickets that were advertised on the secondary market were priced at $40,000 or more.

Mayweather plans on retiring this year, after one more fight in September.

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