Premier League: Potential Under And Overachievers For This Season

The Ange Postecoglou Effect: Could Tottenham Win the Premier League? - Chelsea Struggles!

Tottenham has shown an exciting style of play in the Premier League, could this be the Ange Postecoglou effect? Are Chelsea this season’s potential underachievers or does Mauricio’s magic require patience?

On August 11th, Burnley and Man City played the first match of the 2023/24 Premier League season and although a long journey through the rankings still awaits each team, match week 4 has just passed and there are already a few surprises within the league table.

Each season there are teams that pleasantly surprise fans by scaling up the table and exceeding everyone’s expectations, last season Newcastle finished 4th ending up only four points off Manchester United (a team which everyone places their bets on to do well), however, no one expected this from Newcastle, especially after they finished 11th in the year prior.

On the other hand, a team which certainly let down many of its fans was Tottenham. After finishing 4th in the 2021/22 Premier League season under the management of Antonio Conte. Everyone thought the success would only grow more in the next year, but it is safe to say Tottenham were last season underachievers when they finished 8th. Just as expectations for them dropped when taking a look at Tottenham’s new style of beautiful football, presented in their last four matches, they may surprise us this season.

On the contrary, Chelsea seems to have lost their spark, but is it a temporary blimp or will they be this year’s underachievers?

Predicted Overachievers: Tottenham

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Tottenham have shown an exciting style of play in recent matches. They have demonstrated an obvious change in tactics and spirit, could this be the Ange Postecoglou effect?

Ange Postecoglou’s distinctive style of attacking football is already yielding significant success. Perfectly presented over the weekend, when Spurs confidently overcame Burnley with a 5-2 victory. Further extending their undefeated streak in the Premier League this season, placing them in second place within the league table.

As a result of Postecoglou’s confident character, enthusiastic personality and strict approach. Spurs are suddenly playing in the modern and appealing manner that fans have long desired. Statistics even show that Tottenham’s average amount of goals per match has grown from 1.84 to 2.75. Their expected goals have climbed from 1.52 to 1.84.

Additionally, Tottenham’s new signings have also contributed to the team’s recent success within games. For example, the signing of Guglielmo Vicario who has already made 16 extravagant saves in the last four matches. The signing of James Maddison has consistently been involved in most of the chances created. The team as a whole is certainly showing more unity than we’ve seen in a long time.

Ange Postecoglou seems to always demand more from the Tottenham team. His strict manner was presented in an interview after Tottenham’s 2-0 win against Manchester United. “I would prefer if more of the 39 shots were coming from us.

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It’s. a consequence of the way we play and where we’re at as a group at the moment,” Postecoglou said. Will Tottenham’s significant signings and Postecoglou’s overachieving mindset help Tottenham attain unimaginable greatness?

Predicted Underachievers: Chelsea

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In the last four Premier League matches, Chelsea’s performances certainly have ‘The Blue Army’ worried. Aside from the 3-0 win against Luton Town. Chelsea fans are left with little to boast about as harmony and attacking style of play is undoubtedly missing.

Chelsea had not finished below 4th place in the Premier League in four consecutive seasons prior to last season. The expectations for this team have always been high. As such a big club with a great history of successful seasons. Fans always expect this club to excel within the league which is why last season’s 12th place was a great disappointment. Could this season be the same, if not worse?

Chelsea have only won one out of four games. This has placed them in 12th place again with 4 points. Although last season was a letdown, this season Chelsea fans were hopeful for improvements. Mauricio Pochettino was brought in during the summer to provoke change.

A manager known for bringing greatness, who won the French league with PSG, is already asking Chelsea fans to grant him patience. Pochettino emphasised that supporters need to give Chelsea time to adjust despite the unimpressive performances:

“That is a process that you need to think a little bit about giving time,” Pochettino said after the 1-0 defeat against Nottingham Forest. He also stated: “We should score if we want to win and made one mistake and concede a goal. Yes, disappointed but not frustrated.”

Although Pochettino seems to show a calm and unfazed outlook, the fans definitely expected better which they expressed by booing ‘The Blues’ off the pitch after the game at Stamford Bridge.

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Despite having 75.9% of the ball and 21 shots versus Forest, Chelsea’s efforts did not grant them a winning goal, instead, Anthony Elanga scored giving the visitors their first victory at Stamford Bridge since January 1995 which proves Chelsea’s standard of play is potentially descending.

Everyone also expected Chelsea to pleasantly surprise this season due to the number of new signings they have recently made.

Since taking over the club last summer, Todd Boehly and the BlueCo ownership have spent £1 billion on players in the Premier League, yet they have recruited more players than Chelsea have won games during that time and fans seem to be getting sick of the new habit.

Mauricio Pochettino has to find the spark within his side quickly because Chelsea fans are evidently tired of the recent underachievement.

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