Rob McCracken: Carl Froch has nothing to gain from fighting Bernard Hopkins

Trainer Rob McCracken has said that his fighter Carl Froch (33-2, 24 KOs) is currently looking at what options he has available having seen a potential fight with Chavez Jr fall apart, Froch sustained an injury in the gym which has now put that fight on the back-burner for now. But McCracken insists that Froch would gain nothing from fighting Bernard Hopkins.

Froch was locked in an IBF mandatory title defence against James DeGale, but he decided to relinquish that strap, freeing up DeGale to fight for the vacant title.

Bernard Hopkins (55-7, 32 KOs) this week labelled Carl Froch ‘a coward’ for refusing to face him after the Cobra claimed that a fight with the American would be a lose-lose situation, the American was keen to face the Cobra and even suggested that Froch chooses the venue.

Although talks have taken place between both camps, it just boils down to that the WBA super-middleweight champion just isn’t interested. McCracken feels Froch would have nothing to gain in facing Bernard Hopkins.

“He’s just weighing up his options. There are ongoing talks with Chavez and Hopkins but it’s what motivates him the most that matters, said McCracken.

“The elbow’s healing nicely but not fully recovered but there was not enough time for Chavez and he made the right decision (to call off the bout). All options are open to Carl.”

Earlier in the week Hopkins launched a stinging attack on Froch as the American feels that he is trying to swerve the chance to fight.

Hopkins added: “You should put all the pressure on that coward that calls himself one of the greatest European fighters of all time.

“That is not true, that’s an insult to Joe Calzaghe, and let me tell you something – that’s an insult to any great fighter that has come out of the UK from the past and the present.

“To hear a guy make excuses for a legitimate force that he knows he will lose against and possibly lose his career, like many other fighters did when they stepped in the ring with “The Alien”.

Bernard Hopkins wants to face Carl Froch

Speaking about Hopkins’ coward remark, McCracken added: “It (the coward remark) was just tongue-in-cheek. Carl has fought everyone in the world in the last seven or eight years, the who’s who of super-middleweight boxing.

“They’re still talking about a Froch-Hopkins fight, and there are ongoing talks, but Hopkins is 50 now and a legend of the sport but he’s too long in the tooth and Carl would win the fight without a shadow of a doubt.

“I know Carl thinks he would get no thanks for beating a 50-year-old but it’s a fight Carl would definitely win.”

I agree with Carl Froch to an extent when he says a fight with Hopkins is a lose-lose situation, should he face the Executioner and win? critics will say that he only beat a 50-year-old and not get much credit for the win and should he lose to Hopkins, well he will need to retire pronto.

If the Chavez Jr fight fails to materialise once Froch’s elbow injury clears up I can see him retiring from the sport, I don’t see any other fight out there that will motivate the Cobra to get in to shape.

If he felt he had more in the tank, I would have thought he would have defended his IBF title against James DeGale rather than reliqish the belt, since the Cobra’s camp are not that optimistic about a fight with Hopkins, it’s Chavez or retire for Carl Froch.

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