Rolando Romero captures WBA super lightweight Title with controversial stoppage win over ismael barroso

Romero Barroso

Updated: May 14, 2023 5:36 pm

Rolando Romero successfully bounced back from his stoppage loss to Gervonta Davis last night when he defeated Ismael Barroso to capture the WBA Super Lightweight Championship.

However, Romero’s win was not without controversy as many believe the 9th round stoppage of Barroso was premature. This is especially due to Barroso being up on all three judges scorecards when the contest was brung to a halt by the referee-in-charge, Tony Weeks.

Tom Cheatham, David Sutherland and Steve Weisfeld respectively scored the bout 76-75, 77-74 and 78-73 all in Barroso’s favour.

Despite being the significantly younger man, Romero struggled in the early rounds with the more experienced Barroso and was knocked down in the third round.

Romero was not significantly hurt and showed heart to get back on his feet, yet the American continued to get outboxed in the following rounds.

Nevertheless, in round nine Romero started to have some success. He landed a powerful right hook on Barroso’s temple, followed by a clean left hook, before shoving him down to the canvas.

Barroso got back up, but later in the round Romero continued to dominate, albeit not connecting with the flushest of punches. After cornering Barroso and wildly swinging to little avail, Romero prompted the referee to award a strange stoppage.

Regardless, Romero attained the 15th win of his professional career and captured his first world title. It has been reported that Romero will be ordered to defend the WBA Super Lightweight Title against mandatory challenger, Ohara Davies, next.

Rolando Romero on his stoppage win over Ismael Barroso

To Rolando Romero’s credit, in a post-fight interview with Fight Hub TV he admitted that the stoppage was a little early and Ismael Barroso deserved to continue the bout.

“Yeah, I will be honest it was a little bit premature. He was hurt though. When you start doing the stanky leg your hurt. But it was premature, he’s a warrior and I know he wanted to continue. I wished the fight would continue because I wanted to beat him in a spectacular fashion. But at the end of the day, I’m not in charge. I’m not the referee.”

Romero also praised Barroso for being an extremely tough opponent who hits hard and is very experienced in the pro ranks.

“Like I said, all salutes to him. That man is strong, man. He’s strong. He’s one of those dudes where it’s like everything hurt. He’s one of those dudes where you don’t even want to take a damn risk because if I throw this too slow it’s gonna hurt your know.

“He said he boxed since he was eleven. That means he’s been boxing for twenty-nine years, where I’ve been boxing for ten years. He has I don’t know how many rounds of experience. He has been ranked number 1 [WBA Super Lightweight rankings] forever.

“He’s a world level fighter, a world level puncher. He has twenty-two knockouts. Twenty-four wins, twenty-two knockouts. You don’t get that by not punching hard. He’s one of those dangerous fighters where you just don’t want to take a risk with. You just want to box and catch him when you do.”

Indeed, Ismael Barroso is one of the best wins of Romero’s career. Apart from Barroso, Romero only has notable victories over Anthony Yigit and Jackson Martinez.

If Romero gets through his proposed next fight with Ohara Davies, it’s possible the American could face Ryan Garcia. Both have a mutual opponent in Gervonta Davis and the winner could get a second crack at ‘Tank’.

“At the end of the day, he at 140, I’m at 140 and I have the belt. You have to come and get the belt and that’s a fight that everybody has forever been asking for. All I know is that fight is the biggest fight in boxing right now, me and Ryan [Garcia]. And the winner between me and Ryan get’s Gervonta Davis…We’re gonna do it the old school way.”


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