Terence Crawford vs. Kell Brook: Fight Preview

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Updated: Nov 13, 2020 2:00 pm

Once upon a time, there were two men who dominated the welterweight division and were considered by most pundits to be the two best pound for pound fighters in the sport.

For years, fan salivated at the thought of the two of them climbing in the ring together to decide which one was really the best.

Then in the Spring of 2015, after years of anticipation, Floyd Mayweather outpointed Manny Pacquiao with a boring display of defensive brilliance.

The self-proclaimed Best Ever reminded the world that he’d been training for that moment since the age of five, having hailed from a long line of professional fighters.

The Senator from the Philippines was great, he just ran into the same problem so many other fighters had; Floyd Mayweather was really hard to hit.

Fast forward to the year 2020 and there are two more elite welterweights who seem to be on a collision course.

Terence Crawford and Errol Spence are both titleholders and each man believes that he is the not only the best fighter in the division but the best pound for pound boxer in the world.

Terence Crawford v Kell Brook
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA – NOVEMBER 11: Terence Crawford and Kell Brook Final Press Conference at MGM Grand Conference Center on November 11, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Mikey Williams/Top Rank Inc via Getty Images)

Terence Crawford vs. Errol Spence is a match the boxing world wants to see but both men have other opponents in line that must not overlook if a fight between the two of them is ever going to happen.

On Saturday, November 14th, Terence Crawford will face a determined former welterweight champion by the name of Kell Brook.

As much as Terence Crawford wants to further solidify his status among the sports elites, Brook wants to reclaim his status as one of the best fighters in the welterweight division.

Kell Brook has been in the spotlight before

Kell Brook is no stranger to high profile fights. He’s been in the ring with Shawn Porter, Gennady Golovkin, and the aforementioned Errol Spence. It was his win over Porter in 2014 that made Brook the IBF Welterweight champion.

He successfully defended the title three times before making the courageous decision to move up to middleweight and fight Golovkin, who many considered the best boxer in the world, in September of 2016. Although he performed admirably, he suffered an 11th round TKO against GGG.

Still, the reigning IBF welterweight champion, Brook’s next fight saw him put his belt on the line against a young up and comer by the name of Errol Spence. Kell would lose a one-sided affair to Errol in five rounds that night; he’s struggled to regain his prominence in the sport ever since.

Terence Crawford is a man on a mission

Terence Crawford, on the other hand, has been engaging in the time-tested tactic of publicly criticizing the fighter you want to lure into the ring.

For over a year he’s been going out of his way to take verbal jabs at Errol Spence, who he desperately wants to face for supremacy in the division.

Terence Crawford’s desire to face Spence is two-fold. A win against him would put him that much closer to being the undisputed champion of the division, and it would confirm what Crawford already believes about himself; that he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

Terence Crawford became the WBO welterweight champion in June of 2018. He and Spence’s reign in the division have overlapped for over two years. It’s only a matter of time before they climb in the ring together and settle the score once and for all.

These two fighters genuinely dislike each other

Although each fighter has aspirations beyond Saturday’s contest, neither man is underestimating or overlooking the other. In the past few days, they’ve engaged in quite a bit of negative chatter towards one another and now there is genuine bad blood between the two of them.

For his part, Brook has stated that he will either knock Terence Crawford out of force his corner to throw in the towel. These words did everything to rub the champion the wrong way and he responded in kind, reminding fans that it was Brook who once quit during a fight, not himself.

Terence Crawford’s words can only be a reference to Brook’s bout against both GGG and Errol Spence when injuries sustained during those contests demanded that he could not go on.

A broken right eye socket suffered against Golovkin forced his corner to throw in the towel after the fifth round. In his very next fight, a title defense against Spence, he suffered a fractured orbital bone in his left eye and was forced to take a knee in the 11th round.

Fighters often engage in a verbal back and forth in an attempt to get into their opponent’s psyche, however, it’s clear the dislike between these two is genuine and there is no love lost.

Both fighters are experienced and known to have power

The career aspirations of each fighter are not the only reason Saturday’s bout will compelling. There’s an old saying that styles make fights and these two fighters are unique enough to put on a show worth watching.

Brook is a fighter with an orthodox stance whose won two of his last three fights by knockout or TKO. On the other hand, Terence Crawford is a southpaw who’s won each of his last five fights by knockout or TKO.

That means both men are known to put their opponents on the canvas. Old habits die hard and neither man will enter the ring looking for a decision.

Fans everywhere should be eager to watch this fight between a champion in his prime and a former champion trying to reclaim glory one last time.

Both men enter the ring with punching power and a strong dislike for the other. The champion, who feels underappreciated, will be looking to make a statement.

The former champion, who feels forgotten, will be looking to remind the world of his greatness. All the ingredients for a great fight are there. The only thing left to do now is watching the excitement unfold.

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