The Brooklyn Nets Are A Suffering Sinking Ship

Ever since the start of the 2022-23 NBA Season, many people wondered if the Brooklyn Nets would reach a semblance of dominance on the court. Two weeks into the season, Brooklyn currently stands in 13th place in the Eastern Conference with a record of 2 wins and 6 losses. To make matters worse, the Nets would fire Steve Nash from the head coach position. Here are the factors that have led to Brooklyn’s less-than-stellar start to the season.

The Firing of Steve Nash

Steve Nash was appointed as head coach for Brooklyn back in 2020, after serving as a consultant to the Golden State Warriors during the height of their championship years. It looked like Nash reuniting with Kevin Durant was going to bring the exact synergy the two had with the Warriors organization, but that would prove otherwise. In the two years that Nash coached the Nets, he had a record of 94 wins and 67 losses, along with two playoff appearances, one of which resulted in being swept by the eventual Eastern Conference champion Boston Celtics last season.

Nash was fired eight games into the season, thanks to a decision made by Nets GM Sean Marks. While many believe it may have something to do with the locker room not getting along, that would not be the case. Nash was respected among his players, However, Kyrie Irving may have butted heads with Nash during practices, making him difficult to coach. Recently, the Nets reached out to former Boston Celtics head coach Ime Udoka for the position, though no word has come back from Udoka.

Is Kyrie Irving A Cancer?

Kyrie Irving has become a burden for the Nets. Whether it was his refusal to get vaccinated or having issues with any coach who would attempt to give him guidance on the court, Irving seems to be a player who brings more problems than solutions. It also doesn’t help that Irving has drawn more negative attention to himself with his recent anti-Semitic comments. It’s bad enough that the Nets have been suffering losses, but having to deal with Irving’s nonsense puts the Nets in an even horrible position.

To put it in perspective, Irving’s odd behavior stems back to his tenure with the Boston Celtics. Irving had many arguments and issues with a few teammates, plus former head coach Brad Stevens.

Will Ben Simmons Make A Contribution or Will He Depart?

Ever since Ben Simmons was traded to the Nets, many anticipated his chance at redeeming himself after being so offensively challenged. Simmons missed all of last season with a herniated disk in his back, which was unfortunate, but once he was cleared to take the court, it felt like more of the same from his last season with the Philadelphia 76ers. Simmons has averaged 6.2 points per game, along with 6.5 rebounds and 7.3 assists per game, while shooting 44 percent from the field.

These numbers are pedestrian for someone who was an all-star at one point in his career. Recently, there have been reports that Simmons could be traded to another team. It would be for the best that Simmons would find himself on a team that will help him as a player to iron out the flaws he seems to have. Right now, Simmons’ time with Brooklyn could be cut short.

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What’s Next For Kevin Durant?

Out of the entire Nets team, Kevin Durant seems to have the least trouble. Already averaging 32.5 points per game, along with 5.6 rebounds, and 4.4 blocks per game with 53 percent shooting from the field and 34 percent from the three-point line, Durant is the most valuable player for Brooklyn. With the Nets the way they are now, the only thing Brooklyn can do is possibly trade him.

For all the problems that the Nets are enduring right now, Durant can only do so much for this team. Back in the Free Agency Market last summer, all eyes were on Durant to find out whether he was going to depart from Brooklyn or not, but after some reconsideration, he remained with the team. It has become a decision that Durant is regretting seeing how things have gotten so out of control.

There’s no telling when the dysfunction will end for the Nets. It seems likely that the trend will continue until changes are made effectively. The Nets have become their own worst enemy and it won’t be long until they start to realize the problems they have created for themselves.

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