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“This is a little bit exceptional, this is pretty special”. – Lara on Indian bowlers

Team India

India’s bowling unit is currently one of the best in the world. Time to time a lot of experts showered their praises to Kohli’s team. Now West Indian legend Brian Lara shared his views on the same.

Lara in love with Indian bowling

According to former West Indies batsman Brian Lara, the current Indian fast bowling attack takes him back to the golden age of West Indies cricket. The way Virat Kohli’s bowlers concluded the West Indies tour in India’s favour, Lara found a striking similarity.

Lara said that sometimes probably the Indian fast bowlers were almost unplayable during the Test series. He believes that is one of the reasons India are on a high point in contemporary cricket. ”The Indian outfit – batting, bowling and fielding – is exceptional. I thought their fast bowlers were sometimes unplayable [during the recent Test series in the West Indies]. So starting with that, you’ve got to give India credit with where their cricket is. They’re at a very high point.”

He said at an event in Mumbai that he was astonished to see the showcase by the bowling department of the Indians on West Indies soil. “Unbelievable. I saw them in the West Indies and I must say, what I was accustomed to in the past, in the ’90s and early part of the 21st century, this is a little bit exceptional, this is pretty special.”

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India to dominate

He further added how India became the new dominating side in world cricket. He explained that India was not a great traveling team in the past but they improved with time. Lara opined, “We all know the Indian team was not the most respected when they traveled. They were very respected at home, but now India on a world stage, anywhere they play, is a force to be reckoned with. Well, those teams dominated world cricket… the West Indies in the ’70s and ’80s, the Australians in the ’90s and the early part of the 21st century. India has that capability. Obviously at home, they are very strong, they’ve always been very, very strong.”

In Lara’s opinion, “They’re now traveling well, they’re playing abroad and beating oppositions, which is great. World cricket is a lot more competitive now, Australia, South Africa, and England. So India will have to do it over a period of time, dominating all teams to be considered. But they are definitely a top cricketing nation at the moment.”


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