Carson Jones defeats Brian Rose with First Round TKO

Brian Rose (26-3-1, 8 KOs) received a shock first round KO at the hands of Carson Jones on Saturday night in their fight for the vacant WBC International super welterweight title at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool.

Brian Rose was supposed to be working his way back from a heavy defeat after losing a world title challenge against Demetrius Andrade eight months ago. Rose won his comeback fight against Ignacio Lucero Fraga in October and this fight against Carson Jones (37-10-3, 27 KOs) was supposed to put Rose back into world title contention should he come away with the victory.

However, the boxing gods was not with Rose tonight as the referee called a dubious decision to halt the fight in the first round.

Brian Rose started the brighter of the two, getting the better of the early exchanges. Rose was using his jab well and he wobbled Jones with a right hook, but the referee Ian John-Lewis gave Jones a chance to recover something he didn’t do for Rose.

Towards the end of the round Carson Jones landed a big right hand shot and Rose did a funny dance and was temporarily hurt.

Rose covered up after the initial blow and he was clearly in trouble as he staggered across the ring.

Rose was unable to escape or hold onto Jones, who came after the hometown fighter landing several more right hands, some didn’t get through but those that did further damaged the British fighter and after a left to the side of the head the ref closed the show.

A deflated Brian Rose speaking after the fight said;

“He didn’t give me a chance but I feel he gave Jones a chance. I buzzed him and I had him going worse than he had me.”

“I’m so annoyed at the referee’s decision, he stood in here 15 minutes before saying he’d give us both a chance if we were hurt. He didn’t give me a chance. I might have been hurt, I felt a buzz but I knew exactly where I was and I was about to start firing my shots back.

“That’s the way I fight, I cover up and let my opponents let their shots go. The referee should know that. I’m the sort of fighter who gets hit, covers up, and takes it on the gloves.”

Rose was furious with the referee’s decision to stop the fight early and stormed out of the ring to the locker area, once he calmed down he gave an interview where he stated his disgust at the referee and demanded a rematch with the American.

Rose added:

“He was going to come with a barrage of punches, I know that’s what he was going to do, but I would have soaked them up and it would have been him in the long run losing all his energy. That’s how I fight, he’s an experienced referee, he should know that.

“I hold my hands up, I was hurt, but so was he. I don’t think it should have been stopped. He caught me and I felt a buzz but Demetrious Andrade hit me 50 times like that.

“I demand a rematch. I want something done. He gave him a chance, why not give me a chance?

Carson Jones stated after the fight that he loves coming to the UK to fight and would be more than happy to give Rose a rematch if it makes business sense.

I can understand the frustration that Rose is feeling having just had a TKO decision go against him without hitting the canvas once, the referee could have let the fight go on a little longer and give Rose time to recover to see if he was capable of defending himself.

I guess this isn’t the last we’ve heard from these two fighters….

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