Chris Eubank Jr targets Canelo Alvarez

Chris Eubank Jr has set his sights on Mexican superstar Saul ‘Canelo, Eubank Jr has revealed his intention in hope of securing a fight with the current WBA middleweight champion, Canelo has been searching for an opponent for his next fight which is due to take place 12th September.

Chris Eubank Jr is the current WBA’s interim-champion at middleweight and with a fight against a big name like Canelo Alvarez, Eubank Jr would be more than happy to accept the challenge.

The Mexican has yet to select an opponent for his next fight, it has been mooted by boxing analyst’s that Billy Joe Saunders could be next in line, but when it comes to deciding who will face, it could come down to a choice between the British pair.

“Canelo Alvarez, that’s the No 1 fight that I want right now,” CHRIS Eubank Jr told Sky Sports.

“I don’t think anyone on the planet would make a better opponent for him. Most guys are going in there to run and survive, I’m going in there to destroy.

“I know I can beat him, so that’s the fight I want.

“I definitely have got a strategy. I see the weaknesses. I see where he can be exposed.

“I’m not looking to survive, I’m taking the fight to him and I don’t think he’s ready for somebody like that.”

Should Canelo decide on not fighting either of the British fighters, Chris Eubank Jr & Billy Joe Saunders could well face each other.

Chris Eubank Jr against Billy Joe Saunders in 2014

Billy Joe Saunders has already handed Chris Eubank Jr his first defeat back in 2014 and speaking about a potential fight against his rival, Eubank Jr said:

“Saunders is ongoing. It is a fight that can, and probably will, happen again in the future.

“Everybody knows we don’t get along. We don’t like each other. I want the fight. The only issue is that I’m at middleweight and he’s at super-middleweight.”

Chris Eubank Jr is now based in the United States, he is signed with Premier Boxing Champions and he plans to continue fighting in the States. Chris Eubank Jr made his US Debut in December where he won by second-round technical knockout after opponent Matt Korobov suffered a freak shoulder injury and had to retire.

“I’m with Premier Boxing Champions so it’s most likely that I will fight in the States,” he said.

“The top two fighters? Gennadiy Golovkin and ‘Canelo’ Alvarez, two of the biggest names in boxing and they both have middleweight titles.

“Those are the guys I want. Those are the fights that I need at this stage of my career. I don’t want to take backward steps. It’s full steam ahead.”

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