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FIFA World Cup Quiz


By Donald Puckridge: The answers to the “Quiz” questions, will be provided at the end of the quiz. Hope you enjoy the quiz, and like me it made me want tom learn more about the history of the FIFA World Cup, that occurs every four years, except during World War 2.

1) In what year was the first World Cup played:
a) 1928; b) 1934; c) 1930; d) 1924.

2) In which country was the first World Cup held:
a) Argentina; b) France; c) Brazil; d) Uruguay

3) Which country has won the most World Cups:
a) Germany; b) Brazil; c) Italy; d) England.

4) Which FIFA finals has the record for the most yellow cards:
a)2010; b) 2002; c) 2014; d) 1998.

5) How many yellow cards were given:
a) 12; b) 20; c) 10; d) 14.

6) Which two countries played in this final of the record number of yellow cards:
a) Germany/ Brazil; b) Spain/ Italy; c) Netherlands/ France; d) Spain/ Netherlands.

7) Which country withdrew from the World Cup Final, after qualifying:
a) India; b) Ghana; c) Morocco; d) Pakistan

8) There have been five countries that have hosted the World Cup twice. Germany, Brazil, Italy, and France. Who is the fifth country to have this honour:
a) England; b) Spain; c) Switzerland; d) Mexico.

9) What year did the World Cup Finals, change to 32 participating countries:
a) 1990; b) 1998; c) 2006; d) 2002.

10) How many countries have appeared in the World Cup Final:
a) 8; b) 16; c) 12; d) 10.

11) Did a referee give the same player, in a World Cup match, three yellow cards:
a) False; b) True.

12) Which African country was the first to progress past the group stage:
a) Egypt; b) Morocco; c) Cameroon; d) Nigeria.

13) Up until the 2018 World Cup, how many goals scored in World Cup History:
a) 2350; b) 2383; c) 2379; d) 2375.

14) Which player has won the World Cup three times:
a) Pele; b) Maradona; c) Franz Beckenbaue; d) Casillas.

15) Which country has lost the most matches in World Cup History:
a) Australia; America; c) Hungary; d) Mexico.

Answers Below:

World Cup Quiz

ANSWERS: question 1: c); No:2 d); No:3 b); No:4 a); No:5 d); No:6 d); No:7 a); No:8 d); No:9 b); No:10 c); No:11 b); No:12 c); No:13 c); No:14 a); No:15 d).


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