Golovkin Sixth Round TKO Victory Over Monroe

The Good Boy gave boxing fans around the world a Drama Show by defeating Willie Monroe, Jr. and maintaining his titles in a sixth round TKO victory in The Forum at Los Angeles, CA on Saturday night.

This marks the Super Champion’s 20th knockout victory.

Golovkin delivered a hard right hand to Monroe in round 1, causing Monroe to falter.

In round 2, Golovkin delivered another strong right to the head, knocking Monroe down. Monroe was knocked down a second time in this round, after another right from Golovkin.

Surprisngly, Monroe showed great effort in rounds 3 and 4 by throwing power punches and showing an attempt at a comeback.

Golovkin began showing a decline in pace in round 5.

But by round 6, Golovkin threw heavy punches, knocking down Monroe for the third and final time. Monroe stood up and told the referee, “I’m done, I’m done,” indicating he had had enough of Golovkin and could not continue any further.

Total CompuBox numbers had Golovkin at 133 of 297 with Monroe at 87 of 305 for total punches landed. Meaning, Golovkin landed 45% of his punches while Monroe only managed to land 29%.

So, what’s next for the Kazakh fighter?

“I want unification,” exclaimed Golovkin in a post-fight interview with Max Kellerman, “a big, big fight!”

Kellerman brought up the idea of fighting boxers Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez amongst the cheers of fans in The Forum. Alvarez mentioned that he would be open to the idea of fighting Golovkin in the future.

Golovkin disagreed to the idea, saying,¬†“I told you, not for future.¬†Right now, I’m ready for big fight!”

Andrew Ward was also brought into question, much to the dismay of groaning fans in The Forum.

Despite the boos, Golovkin showed greart respect towards Ward and asked everyone to “respect him” and that Ward is a “great athlete”. Golovkin went on to say that he understood Ward’s current situation.

Ward went inactive in 2014, after disputes with Dan Goossen regarding Ward’s promotional contract. The Ring magazine stripped Ward of his Ring Champion title early this year due to his inactivity.

Golovkin wishes to first fight either Alvarez or Cotto next. He is willing to fight Ward after.

Golovkin expects to fight again in three months.

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