The Breeders’ Cup And How it Works: Beginner’s Guide to the Breeders’ Cup World Championships


Updated: Oct 24, 2022 5:31 pm

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The Breeder’s Cup World Championship is like the FIFA world cup or the Super Bowl of horse races. In other words, the Breeder’s Cup is the biggest horse racing event in the world.

If you’re a newbie to the Breeder’s Cup, sit tight and read along. We bring you all you need to know about this biggest racing event.

Newbie Takeaways From the Breeders Cup 2022

The Breeders Cup has 14 horse races that determine the top Thoroughbreds of various sexes and ages over different distances and surfaces.

The 2022 Breeder’s Cup is scheduled to kick off on November 4-5 at the Keeneland Race Course in Kentucky, and you can find the latest picks here.

Who Participates in the Event?

The Breeder’s Cup World Championship accepts only Thoroughbred horses. It is a 2-day horse racing event that draws the biggest names in the horse racing world. Stallions from Africa, Europe, America, the Middle East, and Australia have graced this event.

Inside the U.S, stallions countrywide have taken part in the event. There has been representation from New Jersey, Kentucky, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Washington, Iowa, Ohio, etc.

What is the Benefit Breeders Cup World Championships Present?

The Breeder’s Cup is the Apex competition for horse trainers and owners. Just by winning one race of the Breeders Cup Championship, the horse owners or breeders can be assured of an award, bragging rights, and above all, an increase in the value of the horse in question.

Because of these benefits, the Breeders Cup features various races for the stallions depending on their sex, age, preferred running distances, and whether the horse prefers to run on grass or dirt.

What About its Tradition?

This annual year-end event has many traditions that are tied to it. Since 1988, every horse that has won a race or the championship signs a gold and purple flower Garland composed of Cremons, Asters, and Cattleya Orchids grown just for the Breeders Cup Championship.

Another exciting tradition of the Breeders Cup is that trophies are given to winners after each race. The trophies are made of authentic bronze reproductions of the original Torrie horse that was designed and built by Giovanni in Florence in the 1580s. Also, the history behind the trophy is fascinating. Also, a giant trophy is taken to the Breeder’s Cup host track (this year is Keeneland) to help fans to celebrate the championship.

How the Breeders Cup World Nominations Happen

The Thoroughbred horses can only take part in the Breeder’s Cup in a few ways, and they are:

The first way: All foals of Thoroughbreds are eligible for nomination before October 15th of their year of birth. There’s a $400 fee that needs to be paid that ensures that the baby horse is eligible for the Breeder’s Cup when it’s of age.

Suppose a racehorse is not nominated to the competition within 1 year of birth. In that case, the horse owner can supplement the horse or horses into the race by paying an agreed fee on a sliding scale based on the horse’s age and if their sire was nominated.

Also, horses can get participating spots in the “Win, and You’re in Cup” challenges. These challenges have other things to consider, like entry fees, travel allowance, etc.


These are a few things you need to understand as a newbie about the Breeder’s Cup. If you need further information about the 2022 edition of this competition, you can visit the official website for the race.


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