remembering the European Super League’s introduction a year ago this week

Super League

Remembering the European Super League (18th April 2021- 21st April 2021, gone too late)

The European Super League was a dream envisioned by Real Madrid President, Florentino Perez in which Europe’s elite would play in a league-based tournament with no relegation. It was dissolved on the 21st April, with fan protests getting the better of most owners, who shriviled behind their fake apologies and went back to their everyday lives.

A poor excuse to a plan that was never going to stand.

Perez’s actual quotes on why the Super League would benefit

Perez called UEFA “a monopoly… and that the European Super League would have reshaped football for the better.”

The excuse that ruining decades of footballing history, so that teens could see it more like a video game
An interview in which Perez states that the Super League will save Football

Which teams rejected the proposal?

Before looking at the 12 confirmed Super League Teams, it is important to remember those sides that stood up against this action and why.

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PSG – They stood against the league because they viewed it as selfish, in a statement to Ligue 1. Many have claimed PSG’s links to UEFA with Al-Khaleffi’s claims in UEFA also being a driving force behind the move to stay.

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While Dortmund and Bayern may fight it out on the pitch, off it they were in agreement against the Super League

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund- They rejected due to the 50+1 rule, as their club is majority fan owned, the members voted against the move and as such they refused to enter the Super League.

( – My view for a better way to improve the finances in Football, which includes having more owner accountability (e.g. the 50+1 rule)

Which 12 sides joined the League?

AC Milan: Had not qualified for the Champions League since 2013-2014

Arsenal: drew with Fulham 1-1, with a last minute equaliser from Eddie Nketiah, the day the Super League was announced (were 9th in the Premier League, behind Everton)

Atletico Madrid: Have never won a Champions League in their history

Barcelona: Had just been dumped out of the last 16 by PSG (5-2)

Chelsea: Lost 5-2 to West Brom, just 15 days before the announcement (at home no less)

Inter Milan: Drew 1-1 with Spezia on the day the European Super League died.

Juventus: The side lost to Atalanta on the 18th (1-0) and slipped to 4th in Serie A, they only made the Champions League on the final day

Liverpool: Drew 1-1 with Leeds on the next day, leaving them sixth (behind Leicester City and West Ham United)

Manchester City: Never won the Champions League, and had suffered a 5-2 defeat to Leicester City

Manchester United: Lost 2-1 to 20th placed Sheffield United

Real Madrid: The founders, who drew 0-0 with Getafe on the day the Super League was announced.

Tottenham Hotspur: They were behind Liverpool, in Seventh, they would fail to even make Europa League, becoming the first English UEFA Conference League team (also first to be knocked out.) Drew 2-2 with Everton, two days before announcement, also have never won the Champions League.

Most Un-Super League result

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AC Milan Loss to 15th placed Spezia (17th January 2022)

ArsenalDefeat in the FA Cup third round to Nottingham Forest (9th January 2022)

Atletico MadridDefeat at home to 19th placed Levante, who have won only five all season (they were bottom of the league), 16th February 2022

Barcelona – (many to choose from), 1-0 defeat to 17th placed Cadiz (18/4/2022), this is ironic because it was exactly a year after the creation of the Super League

Chelsea – Defeat to Brentford (4-1), having beaten Brentford twice already this season, an abject performance showed Chelsea frailties

Inter Milan – With three league defeats, one to Lazio and AC Milan, the only bad defeat would be to Sassuolo, 10th placed (20th February 2022)

Juventus Defeat to Villarreal (3-0), while Villarreal have stormed to the UCL semi-final, Juventus dominated the ball but were caught wanting losing 3-0 at home in a Champions League match

Liverpool – 1-0 defeat to Leicester City, no shame in losing to the team in ninth place but it is really difficult to find a result more shameful than this. Mohamed Salah missed a penalty as Liverpool lost their second game of the season.

Manchester City2-0 defeat to Crystal Palace at the Etihad, City have not suffered many defeats in the last year but this one was avoidable, a Palace side with only one win came to the Etihad and left with three points on 32% Possession. (30th October 2021)

Manchester United – 2-1 defeat to Youngs Boys (14th September 2021), a team whose value of £50.94million (transfermarkt) is less than four of Manchester United’s players (Fernandes, Sancho, Rashford and Varane)

Will United turn it around under Ten Haag?

Real Madrid – The 13 times UCL Champions lost to Moldovan Champions and Champions League virgins Sheriff Tiraspol, 2-1 at home, (28th September 2021)

TottenhamMura 2-1 Tottenham, a defeat to the Slovenian team, valued at only £6.08 million, compared to Tottenham’s £528 million (with all of Tottenham’s 21 first team players worth more than NS Mura), this was made worse by the fact they had beat them 5-1 in the reverse game (25th November 2021)

The Response

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Liverpool fans were horrified with the decision and let their voice be heard before the match against Leeds United on the 19th April
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The response of the United fans was equally clear
A YouTube video from Youtuber Thogden (Stephen Ogden), which documented the protest before Chelsea’s game against Brighton

Where does the league stand today?

Whilst the fan opinion is clear, with a YOUGOV poll showing that 79% of football fans opposed the Super League, Florentino Perez still believes in his abomination much like a deluded parent.

With three clubs (Real Madrid, Juventus and Barcelona) never withdrawing from the European Super League, whilst the main plan has died, the stench and decay is still there. The clear opposition and embarasing form of some of the European Super League members (Barcelona and their loss to Bayern Munich, Tottenham and Arsenal mediorcrity and the abysmal state that is Manchester United) should be able to prevent the Super League veering its ugly head.

The next focus for Football fans is to attack the greed of UEFA, with new Champions League plans that will reward big clubs (like Manchester United) underperforming, with automatic qualification for the two clubs with the highest European coefficient, who have not automatically qualified for the group stage (post 2024).

Whilst this is not a Super League, that will destroy the foundations of the beautiful game, it once again sheds light on the hypocrisy of Football, as UEFA were angry at the Super League but will create new rules to benefit certain clubs.

The famous quote by Gary Lineker “football is a simple game. 22 men chase a ball for ninety minutes and at the end, the Germans always win”, no longer reigns true. This is not only because Germany lost to England at Euro 2020, but the fact Football is no longer a simple game, and has not been for a while, with the media and broadcasters holding the rights of when the matches are played and corrupt officials like Sepp Blatter awarding World Cups to Russia and Qatar, football is more about Politics than ever.

What used to be the every man’s game is starting to lose what was best about it and is being run by greed and desire from those who are clueless about football fans.

As fans it is our duty to save the sport not just for ourselves but for future generations, so that they can grow up with great FA Cup shocks, trips to a top six ground and the dream of one day watching their team play in Europe against some of the best teams in the world.

Football has always been about the fans and it will always be that way.

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