Who Will Be Liverpool’s Starting Attackers When the Season Begins?

The 2021/22 season ended with mixed feelings for the Liverpool club. Even though the team could not win the Premier League or the Champions League, it was very close. The championship was lost by only 1 point and Liverpool was one of the finalists of the Champions League.

So, even though Manchester City and Real Madrid celebrated last year, Liverpool was just one step away from repeating what the club achieved in 2018/19 (Champions League) and 2019/20 (Premier League).

But last season is over and Liverpool is looking to the future. And when it comes to attackers, the future might already be here. After the departure of Sadio Mane, fans were frustrated. But a new striker raises expectations once again. 

Liverpool in 2022/23: Season Expectations

It can’t be argued that a successful era just ended for Liverpool. For more than a few years, Liverpool had a pretty standard attacking lineup. Mane and Salah were always considered the team’s starters and usually one of Firmino, Jota or Diaz was the third attacker. 

But, the departure of Mane changed that balance. Now Jota, Diaz and Firmino claim their spot in the starting 11 and a new arrival changes everything once again. In June 2022, Liverpool spent an astronomical amount (more than 80 million pounds) to buy Darwin Nunez from Benfica. 

This transfer deal was a turning point for Liverpool. Nunez is a different type of striker. He is big, strong and fast. And Liverpool fans are excited to see him on the pitch. Given the furore surrounding the player’s arrival and the expectation of fans, Liverpool ticket prices will probably be at a premium this coming season. It seems every man and his dog is trying to book their tickets for the friendlies and official games of the 2022/23 season.   

Liverpool Roster for Attackers

As of July 2022, Liverpool has 7 attackers in its roster. To be precise, Klopp can make a starting selection from Fabio Carvalho, Luiz Diaz, Diogo Jota, Mohamed Salah, Harvey Elliott, Darwin Nunez and Roberto Firmino. The average age of Liverpool’s attackers right now is around 25. This means that the Liverpool roster combines experience with potential. 

Of the attackers mentioned above, two are new to the team. We already mentioned how Liverpool is counting on Darwin Nunez to become their indispensable striker. But, Nunez wasn’t the only Liverpool transfer when it comes to the attackers. 

Fabio Carvalho was also signed during this off-season. The attacking midfielder has experience in the Premier League (and U18 Premier League) since Liverpool bought him from Fulham.

Which Liverpool attackers will be starting for 2022/23

Elliott and Carvalho are probably seen as the future of Klopp’s team. Right now, Liverpool needs its attackers in the starting eleven and the manager has to make the selection. No one can deny that as long as Salah is healthy, he will be one of Liverpool’s regulars.

At least for the beginning of next season, the Egyptian king seems to have no problems defending his place in the starting eleven.

When you spend £85 million on a striker, you expect him to move into the starting eleven right away. Of course, Nunez, as with any professional footballer, needs time to get used to Klopp’s philosophy and Liverpool’s style of play.

But we expect Salah, Nunez and either Diaz (more likely) or Jota to be in Liverpool’s starting eleven at the beginning of next season.

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