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Best EPL Season Ever?

West Ham vs Manchester City

The English Premier League is almost coming to a close and we must say that it has been quite the ride.

Fans witnessed one of the best Premier League sides to have ever played the game in Manchester City. They saw an illustrious chasing pack of teams such as Liverpool, Manchester United, Tottenham, Chelsea and even Arsenal. And even the relegation battle involves as many teams as possible.

This has led many people to say that this is the best EPL season ever and that is quite a statement to make considering all the other impressive seasons which have been played in the EPL in the last 26 years since it first started.

In this article we will look at several key things which we believe made this EPL season so special for everyone who have been following English football in the last 26 years.

Manchester City

The biggest reason why we feel that this season was so different from all the others is the magnificent Manchester City side coached and managed by arguably the greatest manager in football, Pep Guardiola.

The Citizens have brushed aside all title contenders with ease and have literally demolished mid-table and relegation threatened teams. Because of this they were the bookies’ favourites for the title ever since they established themselves as the only realistic title candidates back in December last year.
Bookmakers such as Mr Green Sports, started the season giving more chances to Manchester United, but when the Citizens brushed away Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Arsenal at the Etihad and then finally, Manchester United away in December.

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Betting operators decided that they had to protect themselves from the influx of bets on City, so they made them the clear and only favourites for the title this season.

Manchester City’s squad contains some of the best attacking talent we have ever seen in the EPL and players such as Kevin De Bruyne, David Silva, Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane, Sergio Aguero, and Gabriel Jesus are six players which often play in the same line-up, which only reaffirms the ingenuity of Guardiola who manages to fit all that offensive talent in his starting eleven.

Remarkable Liverpool and Tottenham

Before the season started it was predicted that Tottenham and Liverpool would be lucky if they finished in the top 4 as Chelsea and Manchester United were considered to be much stronger title candidates than them.

However, as the season progressed it became obvious that Liverpool and Spurs were two sides who played way better than all their opponents (with the exception of City) and played an attacking brand of football which was impressive for fans and neutrals alike.

Relegation Battle

For the first time in years the whole bottom half of the EPL table has been embroiled in a relegation battle which is highly competitive, but strangely enough isn’t scrappy at all since all of the bottom half teams are capable of producing some top notch attacking performances which is yet another positive thing which makes this, the most exciting EPL season ever.

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