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NFL Week 9 Review-Brady wins, Cousins returns and Rodgers fails


Week 9 in the NFL. With 6 teams on a bye, and a dismal late afternoon slate of 2 games, would we see any entertainment? Let’s look back at a very eventful week in the NFL.

All over for Rodgers?

The Green Bay Packers have not had a good season at all. The opening-day loss to the Minnesota Vikings was surprising. Their three-game winning streak after that game seems an eternity ago. They are now riding a four-game losing streak. Surely they could have some luck against the 1-5 Detroit Lions?

The game started just like a game between these two teams would. The Lions turned the ball over on their opening possession. However this happened deep into Packers territory, so there is some form of offense power for the Lions. The turnover meant it was time for Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to show his rivals that he can still play football. He does well, moving the ball to the 5-yard line. Then, a throw that would normally be an Aaron Rodgers touchdown was intercepted.

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Detroit punted from their next possession. What could the Packers do this time? Similarly to their last drive, Rodgers and company drove the ball down right by the Lion’s endzone. Another easy Packers touchdown? No, another interception for Rodgers. His next possession ended in another turnover, this time on downs. From this, Lions Quarterback Jared Goff drove the ball to the 1-yard line and converted this into a touchdown. To add further insult to injury, a successful two-point conversion gave the Lions an 8-0 lead over the Packers at halftime

The Packers had some luck to begin the second half when Jared Goff’s pass was intercepted. In the next play, Rodgers was intercepted by the Lions for the third time. Things are seriously not well in Green Bay. Any other team would have benched their quarterback by now.

A Touchdown was scored by the Packers in the middle of the third quarter. A 20-yard throw from Rodgers found Allen Lazard in the endzone. The two-point conversion needed to level the scores failed. To make things even worse, the Lions scored a touchdown on their next drive.

Green Bay was getting desperate now. A 25-yard field goal from Mason Crosby made in a one-possession game. And after the Packers turned the lions over on downs, a touchdown was needed to win the game.

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Fourth down at the Lions’ 6-yard line. Rodgers threw the ball, hoping a receiver in green and gold would catch it. The catch never came, and the Detroit Lions recorded a shock 15-9 win over the Green Bay Packers. With this win, the Lions improve to 2-6 and will face the Chicago Bears next week. For the Packers, it just keeps getting worse for them. They are now 3-6 on the season and next week face the Dallas Cowboys.

The Bills face Turbulence

The Buffalo Bills. Most peoples pick for the super bowl this year, and according to some, the third NFL franchise in New York. They went to New Jersey this week to face the in-form New York Jets.

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After 2 punts, one for each team, the Bills scored again off a 36-yard rushing touchdown from quarterback Josh Allen which increased their lead. The Jets quickly struck back with a 6-yard rushing touchdown from Michael Carter, putting them within 4 points. In the last drive before half-time Bill’s kicker, Trevor Bass missed a 55-yard field goal to keep their lead at 4 points at halftime

New York had a bad start to the second half. on a drive that took them to the Buffalo 18 yd Jets quarterback, Zach Wilson was sacked by Von Miller and fumbled the ball as well. This was recovered by the Buffalo defense. However, the Bills could not hold onto the ball for long as Josh Allen was intercepted in their own red zone giving the Jets amazing field position.

With the good field position, the Jets took full advantage. Zach Wilson threw a 7-yard pass to Robinson and it found the end zone to give the Jets a three-point lead. Buffalo responded with a 51-yard field goal to tie things up going into the fourth quarter

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After two drives from either team that went nowhere but took some time off the clock, the Jets drove the ball down the field. However, they were stopped at the Bills’ 2-yard line. But the Jets kicker delivered on a 28-yard field goal to put them three points in the lead. With time running out Josh Allen had to score a touchdown. Could he lead a comeback?

No turns out he couldn’t. Allen struggled to move the ball from the Jets’ defense who held on for a surprising 20- 17 win over the Buffalo Bills. With this when the New York Jets go to 6-3 on the season continuing their amazing form. Buffalo fall to 6-2 on the season but are still in control of their division. Next week Buffalo plays Minnesota while the Jets are on a bye week

The other Philadelphia vs Houston game

Last Thursday evening featured a game between Philadelphia and Houston that would affect the franchise’s whole season. There was also a football game on between the still undefeated Eagles and the league’s worst team the Houston Texans. Could we see a massive upset?

It was the Texans who had the opening drive. From their 25-yard line, they drove the ball up to the Eagles’ 2-yard line, mostly helped by Texans quarterback Davis Mills’s 34-yard throw. From the 2-yard line, Mills threw to Teagan Quitoriano for a touchdown and the lead. This would not last long. On the Eagles’ opening drive, they also moved the ball to their opponent’s 2-yard line. They also scored a touchdown, as Miles Saunders found the endzone to level the score.

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Eagles quarterback Jaylen Hurts made a mistake on his next drive. Hurts was sacked by the Texans’ defence, and then fumbled the ball. Possession was gained by the Texans, who could not do anything with it. However, the Eagles could, and on their next drive drove the ball deep into Texans’ territory. A 4 yard run by Kenneth Gainwell found the endzone and gave the Eagles a 7-point lead. A lead they would not have for long, as on their next drive, the Texans scored on a 13-yard pass from Davis Mills. A missed 54-yard field goal by Eagles kicker Jake Elliott meant that the Eagles and Texans were tired 14-14 at halftime

After three drives that ended in punts, it was the Eagles who made the first move. Davis Mills was intercepted by the Eagles’ defense at their 17:yard line, giving the Eagles great field position to score. What happened next? They scored. A 17-yard pass to AJ Brown meant that the Eagles regained their lead.

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A 30-yard field goal from Houston kept them in the game for a while. But a 4-yard touchdown pass from Hurts to Dallas Goedert with a successful two-point conversion sealed the game. To add further insult to injury for the Texans, Mills was intercepted on the Texans’ last play, giving the Philadelphia Eagles a 29-17 win over the Houston Texans. With this win, The Eagles are 8-0 for the first time in history, while the Texans are 1-6-1. It was not all brilliant for the city of Philadelphia, the Phillies lost that night, and would go on to lose the World Series. Next week, the Texans visit the New York Giants, while the Eagles face the Washington Commanders on Monday night.

Cousins comeback

The Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins returned to Washington for the first time since he was traded in 2018. His Vikings are in form, while the Commanders are struggling to keep up in a very competitive NFC East. How would his return be?

His return started very well. On the Vikings 9 play opening drive, Cousins and company drove the ball into the Washington red zone. Then, a Cousins pass to Justin Jefferson for 9 yards found the endzone, putting the Vikings into the lead.

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Then, nothing happened. I think the cities of Washington D.C. and Minneapolis are getting into the World cup spirit, as the next 8 drives ended in punts. The ninth drive was the Commanders, and they managed to move the ball. But, while it did end in points, it was a 44-yard field goal by Commanders’ kicker Joey Sly. A true festival of kicking on display in Landover, Maryland.

On the last play before halftime, Kirk Cousins was intercepted in Washington’s territory, meaning that at halftime, The Vikings had a 7-3 lead.

The opening drive in the second half was entertaining but short. A 49 pass from Commanders quarterback Taylor Heinicke to Curtis Samuel ran into the endzone, giving Washington the lead. A few drives later the commanders would increase this lead through a 6-yard touchdown pass from Heinicke to Milne. The Vikings reply? A 25-yard field goal to make it a 7-point game.

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Taylor Heinickes’ luck would soon run out. At the commanders 30 yard line, he was intercepted. Kirk Cousins and the Vikings Offense quickly converted this into a 12-yard to tie the game. A Washington punt on their next drive meant all the Vikings needed to do was score a field goal to win. Cousins drove the ball down to the Washington goalie, but could not convert it for a touchdown. But the kicker could, as Greg Joseph scored a 28-yard field goal to give the Vikings a 20-17 win. With this, Minnesota improve to a 7-1 record, while Washington fall to 4-5. I think it is safe to say now that Minnesota will win the NFC North. Next week, the Commanders face division rival the Philadelphia Eagles, while the Minnesota Vikings play the Buffalo Bills.

Two former winners meet.

The Los Angeles Rams won the Super Bowl last season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won the Super Bowl in the season on before last. By the way they have been playing this year, you would not know that. So how did these two former great team fare when they faced off against each other this week?

The Ram’s opening drive went nowhere, and possession was punted away to Tampa Bay and quarterback Tom Brady. Could he have a better week than what he had last week? He started well, moving the ball down to the Rams 2 yard line. However, he could not convert on third down, relying on kicker Ryan Succop to score a 20-yard field go to put them into the lead.

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A lead that Tampa Bay would hold for around 10 minutes of game time. Then, a 69-yard touchdown pass from Rams quarterback Matthew Stafford to Cooper Kupp gave the Rams the lead. After this play, both teams would struggle on offense for a while, leading to many punts. Tampa Bay did get something going, but a blocked 52-yard field goal stopped that from becoming anything. The Buccaneers would be successful a few plays later, with Succop scoring a 38’yard field goal just before halftime to give the Rams a 7-6 lead halftime

Another field goal opened the second half. This time it came from the Rams, who struck a 26-yard field goal to increase their lead. Another field goal, this time from 35 yards increased the Rams’ lead to 9 points. Not wanting to miss out on the field goal fun Tampa Bay scored a 50-yard field goal to make it a one-possession game.

The Rams punted away their next possession. Tom Brady drove the ball down to the Ram’s 6-yard line. But failed. Luckily the Rams could not do anything with their possession, handing the ball back to Brady for one more drive.

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With 44 seconds left on the clock, Brady and company move the ball down the field. Then with the last play of the game on the Rams’ 1-yard line, Brady passed to Cade Otton, who scored the game-winning touchdown to give the Tampa Bay Buccaneers a 16-13 victory over the Los Angeles Rams. With the win, Tampa Bay go to 4-5, while the Rams fall to 3-5. Next week, the Rams face the Arizona Cardinals, while the Buccaneers face the Seattle Seahawks in the first regular season game played in Germany.

What happened in the other games this week?

The Chargers Austin Eekler and the Falcons’ Cordarelle Pattinson were both involved with two touchdowns each for their respective teams. But it was two field goals from Chargers kicker Cameron Dicker that gave Los Angeles a 20-17 win over the Falcons.

Last week, the Miami Dolphins offense was high scoring, but their defense gave up a lot of points. We saw the same thing this week in their game against the Chicago Bears. Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagavolioa scored 3 touchdowns, as did Bears Quarterback Justin Fields as the dolphins edged the Bears 35-32.

Defense was on show in Foxborough as the Patriots recorded 9 sacks against Indianapolis Colts quarterback Sam Ehlinger. In a game of mostly field goals, the Patriots beat the Colts 26-3.

Without Jamarr Chase, the Cincinnati Bengals struggled to score last week. This week, Cincinnati were back to its normal self. The two Joes (Burrows and Mixon) scored 5 touchdowns as the Bengals beat the Carolina Panthers 42-21

In the battle of two poorly performing teams, the Jacksonville Jaguars came from 17 points down to beat the Oakland Raiders 27-20

Geno Smith continued his revival with the Seahawks. He threw for 275:yards and scored two touchdowns in Seattle’s 31-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals

The dominant Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs needed overtime to beat the Tennessee Titans. Mahomes threw for nearly 450 yards, but it was a 28-yard Harrison Butker field goal that gave Kansas City a 20-17 win on Sunday night

Baltimore Ravens running back Kenyan Drake scored two touchdowns as the Ravens beat the New Orleans Saints 27-13.

So that was week 9 in the NFL. Week 10 is highlighted by the first Germany game in Munich.

To read last weeks review: https://worldinsport.com/nfl-week-8-review-broncos-country-rode-the-eagles-soared-and-the-dolphins-swam-to-victory/


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