Russia possible Euro 2016 Suspension

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News has emerged today that Russia may be getting suspended from the European Championships 2016 in France due to their horrific and disgusting actions toward the English fans after their 1-1 Draw them.

Russia saved themselves a point by tapping home a headed rebound in the 92nd minute of the game.

The goal was virtually the last kick of the game and with that, Russian fans poured themselves into the England end.

They assaulted men, women and children alike and continued outside the ground by smacking the English fans over their backs with solid wooden chairs.

They have been fined €150000 by UEFA and will be disqualified if anymore fans cause trouble in France. England fans were already in trouble due to their actions before their match in Marseille.

“Let’s just say that supporters from all over the world are more or less the same. There are some people who come to the stadium in order to watch the game and to support their team. And there are some people who come to do some bad things and try to behave as bad as possible.” Said Artem Dzubya, Russia’s striker.

Dzyuba, a Zenit St Petersburg striker, said: “I don’t really understand this kind of reaction of the British media who have this impression that English supporters who came to this country are like angels and they’re just behaving themselves.”

“You have to be objective and it’s 50-50. In every conflict, there are two parts. Everyone has to follow and to see and to communicate with supporters and with fans. Don’t say that only Russians are at fault.”

Russia given suspended disqualification from Euro 2016

Russia headed to Lille to Play against Slovakia where they lost 2-1, there was little trouble after the game. But noting compared to what happend in Marseille, but with England fans staying just 25-30 miles away from the Russians, expect to see more fighting from them.

Wales currently lead group B after their win against Slovakia and travel to Play Russia on the last match day.

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