The Unforgiving World of Football: The Tottenham-Pochettino edition.


Just this evening, the 19th of November, 2019, less than 7 months after guiding them to their first UEFA Champions League final ever and a consecutive fourth year top-four finish, Tottenham Hotspur released a statement stating the sack of Mauricio Pochettino who had been their manager for the past 5 years.

Needless to say, with the achievements as stated above he helped them make, even as recent as under 7 months ago, the sack is very much unarguably undeserved.

The former Argentine international took charge of Tottenham Hotspur in May 2014 after enjoying some success with Southampton and finished fifth in his first season with Tottenham, securing consecutive Champions League spots in his other 4 seasons, rightly establishing Tottenham Hotspur as a top Premier league team.

He took that a step further and got them international recognition as a top team with a first ever 1st runners-up finish in the UCL 2019. He did all these while helping Tottenham spend the least of all top-six clubs with a very modest budget.

And just when their stadium was completed and spending could really start to really challenge for titles, because of a poor start to the season which could be attributed to various circumstances, he was sacked.

Yes, the club has on the field in 2019 not been up to par with sometimes lethargic, unconvincing displays which are highlighted by the absence of a Premier league away win all through the year and the unexpectedly low position of 14th in the ongoing season.

Yet, he shouldn’t be judged on just those negatives, as last season was arguably their best season so far. Besides, with the way the Premier league table is at the moment, the team in 5th is separated from the team in 15th by a miserly 3 points with a lot to play for as there are still 26 matches to be played.

Mauricio Pochettino has unarguably been one of the best managers in the EPL considering the past 5 years, and so despite the club’s poor form, his sacking is unexpected and would be hard to be proved right.

This is the story of football, even more so the English Premier league where all that matters as a manager is how your team is performing at the moment

A prolonged series of bad results (which are determined by the stature of the club and her fans’ and board’s expectations) despite past glories could make the manager find himself in the precarious situation of getting sacked.

Expectations at every EPL club are high and failure to meet them heralds a dirge and doom for any faltering manager.

In this game we love, there’s neither pity nor forgiveness for perceived slackness or weakness at a stretch, and as is observed in Mother Nature’s wild, your loss could be someone else’s gain

That sums up the unforgiving sport of football we love, and this is just another episode in the rollercoaster series.

3 thoughts on “The Unforgiving World of Football: The Tottenham-Pochettino edition.”

  1. True, but there was no indication that that sort of thing would happen.Tottenham had just successfully kept him from the clutches of R. Madrid and Man. U. and some other clubs through the summer.

  2. business is business, you sneeze you lose. he should have left when the ovation was still high. forget sentiment.

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