Tommy Fury Wants To Reschedule Fight With Jake Paul in 2022

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In a recent interview on The Lowdown, Tommy Fury expressed that he wants to reschedule a fight with Jake Paul.

The pair were meant to face each other last Saturday but Fury pulled out less than two weeks before the bout due to a broken rib and bacterial chest infection.

Tommy Fury On Jake Paul

“That’s the fight I want next. I don’t get what he’s trying to achieve by calling out UFC people. He wants to be a boxer, doesn’t he? So fight the boxer.”

Fury claims that he will be ready in March as he continues to recover from his unfortunate setback.

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The brother of Tyson Fury admits he did watch the Paul-Woodley rematch but was unimpressed with what he saw from The Problem Child.

“It was a bad, terrible fight. A nice punch, but what do you expect off a 14-stone guy when you put your hands down? If that’s Jake training for months to fight me, f***ing hell, it’s gonna be an easy night.”

Despite winning via split decision the first time, Paul was able to set the record straight with Woodley by knocking him out in the sixth round with a phenomenal right hand. 

However, it was a tedious affair with plenty of clinching and a lack of punches thrown in the early rounds.

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If anything, Paul showed he carries knockout power and has the determination to win at all costs. An accidental headbutt by Woodley opened a massive cut over Paul’s left eye which blurred his vision.

Fury then went on to share the abuse he received as a result of pulling out.

“Going on social media, every message is terrible. Going out in public, I went to the corner shop for water to fill the fridge up, ‘Oh you p***y.’ That’s what I’ve had. Some of the public can be so fickle.”

Fury had a lot to lose if he fought Paul, a defeat against someone so inexperienced would have damaged his reputation with his family and the boxing public. Additionally, some ex-professional boxers saw the bout as a 50-50 contest.

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The man from Manchester showed medical records of his broken rib, yet some of the boxing public, as Fury mentioned, do not believe his injury was legit.

Time will tell whether Fury will fight Paul in 2022 and capitalise on a lucrative financial payday. Not to mention, a chance to prove all his doubters wrong.
Queensbury promoter Frank Warren, recently stated on Twitter that Fury and his team are open to rescheduling in the new year. Therefore, we could still see this fascinating match-up and find out who the superior boxer is.

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