Christian Eriksen returns to scoring and begins his second life in football

Christian Eriksen

Updated: Apr 5, 2022 9:17 am

Christian Eriksen’s comeback to the pitch has been memorable. 

After celebrating his return to the goal with his national team in the friendly game Denmark won 4-2 against the Netherlands at the Parken Stadium in CopenhagenEriksen scored again on another unique occasion. This time, Eriksen’s team Brentford managed to get a resounding victory in front of Chelsea of his ex-teammate Romelu Lukaku, with a sonorous 4-1. The 2-1 goal was scored by the 30-year-old midfielder nine months after the cardiac arrest of June 2021.  

The hug with former teammate Romelu Lukaku, also at the 2021 Inter Italian Champion, was probably the powerful snapshot of the weekend. 

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The cardiac arrest on the pitch at Euro 2020: “I was dead for five minutes.” 

It is still terribly present in everyone’s mind, the horrific moment when his heart stopped on the pitch last June, during Denmark‘s debut match at Euro 2020

It was the 42nd minute of the first half of Denmark‘s game against Finland. Until then, Eriksen, coming off a brilliant season with Milan Inter, which culminated in the Serie A victory, had not shown any signs of tiredness or fatigue.

It came completely unexpected when he collapsed to the ground, with no game clash, leaving the world breathless.

The shock was incredible for the long-awaited European Championships, seen as a sign of hope for a return to life after the pandemic.

After a few hours of waiting and hope, although aware that the situation was very critical, the first reassuring news about Christian’s health appeared. “I was dead for five minutes“, he will later say in an interview with DRTV.  

Firstly, the Danish Football Association, and then even a video of the player himself, who comforted the world about his condition, from his hospital bed.

Doctors had hurried to implant a life-saving device linked to a subcutaneous Implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) to prevent fatal cardiac arrests.

Numerous queries have been raised after this dramatic incident.

Given that Christian’s life and safety were the most important thing, the question that remained to answer was whether he would ever be able to return to play on a football field. And when. 

Inter Milan Football club had not commented on this, despite regulations of Italian football being pretty clear in this regard.

No players fitted with an ICD can play in Serie A, so, with no surprise, Eriksen had his Inter contract terminated by mutual consent in December 2021, leaving the Danish player free to train with any other club. 

The signing with the bees and his comeback to Premier League

When I was hospitalized, I was amazed by the amount of love and affection around me. I kept receiving flowers. It was extraordinary and a great help for me to receive all those wishes for a speedy recovery”, said Eriksen at DRTV. “I am also so grateful to the many fans who sent me thousands of letters and emails or approached me on the street, both in Denmark and Italy. The support I have received from all over the world has helped me go through this moment“, he added. 

Motivated by achieving the dream of qualifying his Denmark for the Qatar 2022 World cup, Christian begins to trace a new path. 

“My goal is to play the World Cup in Qatar. I’m in perfect shape, and I won’t be done until I have demonstrated that I can still play football at the same level as last year”, he once said on an Instagram story. Meanwhile, his managers started trying to work out the best context for his comeback, reaching that playing in England would seem like a perfect homecoming for his client, considering his fantastic seven years at Tottenham (2013-2020). “Christian was treated exceptionally well by the British public, not only for his great football skills but also for his human values, modesty, and selflessness”, said his manager at BBC Sport

The incredible optimism displayed by Cristian was not undeserved.

In fact, after completing all the medical assessments, on January 31, Brentford FC confirmed the signing of Christian Eriksen until the end of the 2021/22 season.

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Eriksen‘s current contract only runs until June 30, and he has been linked with a potential return to Spurs – the club he had previously played with until 2020; Manchester United would also be trying to sign Eriksen for next season, according to Football London

Even the manager would be pretty familiar, as Antonio Conte already trained Christian with Nerazzurri in Serie A 2020-2021 before they changed path, although for very different reasons.  

Dramatically one step away from the end of his career and now even coveted and contested by several top clubs in the Premier League: whatever the outcome of the next transfer market slot will be, Christian will only have to gain. His second life is, regardless, an outstanding triumph. 


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