Top Football Scholarships in the US in 2022

football scholarship

Football scholarships take one of the leading places among the working ways to get funds to support your educational activities. Many educational establishments appreciate talented students with significant achievements in science, volunteering, inventorying, and sports. Therefore, colleges and universities establish in-house scholarship funds to get more outstanding students on board. In addition, some private companies, businesses, funds, etc., also provide various types of scholarships that support talented students and help them achieve their goals.

If you want to apply for a particular scholarship, note several requirements you must follow to get awarded. Often applicants must complete a personal statement or a motivational letter that will show their skills. If you are worried that you will not create a letter by yourself, turn to a professional paper writing service and request help. You will forget worries and get a perfectly written text that will help you complete a scholarship application. Read on to learn more about the TOP football scholarships in the US in 2022.

What is a football scholarship?

Students with a solid passion for football have the privilege to apply for a scholarship in the US that could be a significant step towards building up a successful career. These scholarships are available for athletes. Usually, at least one male and one female athlete receive an annual scholarship. The substantial amount of funds varies from USD 1000 to USD 25,000 or higher.

Ivy League Scholarships

All schools that are part of the Ivy League are well-known and prestigious educational establishments. Any college or university of an Ivy League will gladly welcome on-board talented football players who will represent their campuses. However, you need to consider that you will need to show academic success in addition to outstanding athletic achievements. You can apply for a regular scholarship and mention your football achievements in the motivational letter.

The NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship

The program is among the most wanted because many students can receive this scholarship. Up to 126 students who are successful athletes can apply to receive a one-time award of USD 10,000 three times a year. Students must show outstanding academic and athletic success to become applicants and receive funds. The scholarship corresponds to three sports seasons that appear to happen per year. Each season there are 42 scholarships available to use in an accredited program.

The Walter Byers Scholarship

Postgraduates can annually apply to get awarded this well-known scholarship. Walter Buyers was a former executive who continuously contributed to the betterment of the academic performance of student-athletes. The scholarship was established quite a long time ago, in 1988. According to the term of the program, if an athlete shows excellent potential for success in studies, he or she gets an award of up to USD 24,000. Only two athletes can get the Walter Buyers scholarship annually.

NAIA Football Scholarships

NAIA abbreviation stands for The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics that bounds together 257 educational establishments in the US. Students who want to use their athletic achievements to contribute to their academic success can apply for the NAIA scholarship and profit thanks to their outstanding football skills.

The Jim McKay Scholarship

Jim McKay, one of the recognized broadcasters and sports journalists, born in 1921, passed away in 2008. The scholarship named after this famous person was established in 2008. USD 10,000 is awarded annually only for two applicants (male and female). To get the funds, you must show the potential of contribution to sports PR and communication and commitment to fairness, accuracy, and compassion.

NJCCA Football Scholarships

NJCCA abbreviation stands for the National Junior College Athletic Association. This association has aboard more than five hundred colleges across the US. More than sixty of these NJCCA colleges offer football programs. Any NJCCA Football Scholarship program is oriented to students who are not applying to a traditional college with a four-year studying program. Instead, the program focuses on helping students enroll into two-year colleges that become an intermediary stage of studies. Talented graduates entering junior colleges can get a scholarship by contacting a specific athletic department of their educational establishment.

NCAA Division III

Division III schools are not offering a separate football scholarship program, but we include this option in our list and Ivy-league schools. Division III educational establishments are interested in talented football players and any other schools. Therefore, instead of offering football scholarships, Division III schools provide opportunities to earn a general grant for students who have academic achievements and have a background of an elite college football player.


Students who show significant academic and athletic success can apply to get one of the available football scholarships in the US. There are many various programs to consider, and we have listed in our article several of them, which are among TOP scholarships. We wish you a successful application and a bright academic future! Good luck!

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