Who Is Liverpool’s Best Premier League Forward?


Liverpool‘s unstoppable performance during the English Premier League has been marked by a distinct technical blueprint: strong upfront, flimsy at the defence.

Throughout Roy Evans’ Spice Boys until Jurgen Klopp‘s modern iteration, the Reds have indeed been loaded for variety during attacks, but glaringly deficient on their defensive formation – and their offensive prowess have as often as not covered up the flaws. That isn’t to suggest that every single centre-forward who has passed by the Shankly Gates has really been exceptional, with Anthony Le Tallec, David N’Gog, Andriy Voronin, Iago Aspas, Fabio Borini, Andy Carroll, and even Mario Balotelli all breaking the mould at Anfield.

However, if we are talking in terms of betting odds, the club has Ever since the rebirth of said English top flight in the year 1992, there has been no shortage of firepower there next to the net. Below are the most popular attackers to have graced the red quarter of Merseyside throughout the English Premier League history, plus the two main Klopp scorers. You can find out more on this great Asian sportsbook Vwin and get the latest EPL odds and news.

Daniel Sturridge

Considering Sturridge’s hamstring strain stint at Anfield deepening spectators’ perceptions, it’s improbable he’ll ever be granted the credit he is due for his efforts for the Reds. Sturridge, though, needs to be counted as among the clubs’ best footballers in the Premier League history for his rapid influence after signing from Chelsea somewhere at the outset of 2013, plus his robust scoring competition alongside Luis Suarez throughout the inadequate championship match under Rodgers the subsequent year.

Sixty-three strikes in 133 appearances is an incredible number, and his performance against Sevilla throughout the 2015 Europa League finals was pure, unmitigated magic.

Roberto Firmino

 Firmino left Hoffenheim the year 2015 as a mystery, and Rodgers’ mistreatment of him risked disrupting his improvement since relocating to Europe via Brazil. Nonetheless, the No.9 really thrived with Klopp.

Firmino is arguably Klopp’s prototypical striker, combining an unwavering work ethic with superior technical proficiency and better dribbling skills. He should indeed be rated amongst Liverpool’s finest in current history as he approaches 50 goals in his third series with the franchise.

Ian Rush

Rush‘s expertise stepped over after a tough phase with Graeme Souness, as he teamed with Nigel Clough as well as a youthful Robbie Fowler in succession. For each of his 1992/93, 1993/94, and 1994/95 seasons, the Welsh attacker managed to score 19 goals in all tournaments. Rush’s time at Anfield drew to a halt in 1996, but he’s been a bonafide sharpshooter with a predator’s intuition that turned him into a fan favourite.

Michael Owen

Owen is hardly a well-liked figure in Merseyside. His transfer for Real Madrid in the year 2004 and subsequent relocation to Manchester United in the year 2009 earned him the reputation of being a rogue in some quarters of Anfield. Nonetheless, there’s no questioning his accomplishments at his former club, emerging from the youth ranks to become Liverpool’s as well as England’s leading scorer. Following Kevin Keegan in 1979, Owen is now the sole Englishman to receive a Ballon d’Or.

Fernando Torres

Torres’ £20 million transfer from Atletico Madrid to the Reds in the year 2007 was a huge declaration of purpose from the Reds: that this Spaniard was indeed a proven leading goal scorer primed to conquer Europe. Torres’ speed and agility rendered him a threat to opposing defenders for both the Premier League as well as the Champions League. He piled up 81 scores within only 142 games, demonstrating his opportunity to execute from all ranges, until his aspirations outgrew the squad and he sought a transfer to Chelsea.

Luis Suarez

Suarez would have been indisputable No. 1 in our rankings had it not been for a unique messianic influence. The fact that this Uruguayan isn’t first is a monument to the strength in depth on display at Anfield during the Premier Leagues.  Suarez, who joined on the exact day with that of Carroll, emerged to be the polar opposite of the cumbersome Geordie. Throughout 2013/14, he reached the pinnacle of his Merseyside career, scoring 31 goals in 37 appearances and provided Rodgers with such an immovable feature piece for his marauding, attack-heavy game.

Robbie Fowler

The demigod of Anfield, Fowler had the power of creating something out of nothing and has thus rightfully captured the Club’s essence since the year 1992. Yes, we do agree that he would sometimes step onto the line of decency, but his skills are unparalleled. Playing alongside the stalwart Steve McManaman, Fowler had a history of scoring over thirty goals in three back to back seasons from 1994 to 1997. 

Parting Thoughts

We hope this article has helped you gain insight into the best players that the Liverpool Football Club has boasted over the years. These people were (and still are) a huge asset to the club, and their names will always be written in golden letters in the history of the club’s existence. 

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