A petition has started to bring an MLB team to Salt Lake City, Utah. Could we see this happen?

A few days ago, Matt Irvin, petition started for this petition to Bring an MLB Team to SLC (Salt Lake City), wants to see an MLB team in Salt Lake City, Utah.

There’s one professional team in Salt Lake City, and it’s the NBA’s Utah Jazz and MLS’ Real Salt Lake. And it looks like the city really wants a new sports team badly, especially one for Major League Baseball.

Here’s what Matt Irvin said in the description in the petition. “SLC is the perfect location for an MLB franchise! Imagine a family afternoon at the ballpark! Crisp spring weather, perfect summer and fall and more sunny days than you can count.

Sign this petition to show the MLB your interest in SLC as a potential destination for a franchise!”

He said that Salt Lake City is a perfect location for an MLB team, and hopes to see his petition succeed someday.

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What do you think on this petition? Let us know in the comments below, and sign the petition at change.org


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