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Baseball is the Best

Baseball has changed lives of many people, including my own. In my eyes baseball has always been the greatest sport, but that has always been my opinion with no facts. So today, I am going to tell you some reasons why baseball is the greatest sport ever played.

  1. Baseball is the only sport where the winning team can’t “ice” the game. In football, the Quarterback can knee the ball and let the clock run for 40 seconds each time, In hockey, players can skate around with the puck, in basketball the winning team can dribble around. Baseball forces the winning team to throw the ball and give the other man his chance. It is the only sport where “it’s not over ‘till it’s over”.
  2. Any team can make a comeback in baseball. With football, you don’t see many teams just score 5 drives in a row to tie a game, sure it can happen, but not very often. In hockey, if you are down 3 goals, the game is basically over. Basketball is a little different, a team can get “cold” but in baseball, there is no clock, so that means if a team is willing to fight, the game continues.
  3. The Trade deadline is like a holiday. Every year, right up to 4:00pm on July 31st, you sit and wait for the ESPN or Bleacher Report update saying “Breaking News” or “Trade Alert”. Granted most superstars do not get dealt, but it is a great thought that your team might get a guy who pushes them one step closer to the World Series.
  4. Hall of Fame weekend is the best one out there. No other sport honors the greats in a way that baseball does. When the NFL inducts players into the Pro Football hall of fame, it doesn’t seem to have as much behind it.
  5. Baseball has the greatest all star game. For Baseball, the all star game actually means something.  The NBA uses its game more as a “celebrity weekend.” You hear more about what celebrity is going to be there than you do about the game. The NFL Pro Bowl is a mess. They change the rules around to protect the players but what it actually does is ruin the game. The MLB all star game is the only one that both teams are playing for something. That something is home field advantage in the World Series.
  6. History is made every single season. No matter what, we are guaranteed to see a player reach a milestone. Such as the “500 club”. The “3000 hit club”. No other sport sets a new record every season, Yes Peyton Manning broke records, but they were the same records. In 2007 the Patriots broke almost all offensive records.
  7. Baseball has the best fans in the world. Where else can you go to find fans of a team that has not won in 100 years? Cubs fans have been with their team since day one, and it does not seem like they are leaving any time soon. Look at the Red Sox; they invented ways of crushing their fans’ hopes and dreams year after year, and look at them now. They are the odds-on favorite to make it to the World Series every season now.

The NFL has the craziest fans, especially when you go out to Oakland and you sit in the “Black Hole” or go to Cleveland and sit in the “Dawg Pound.” But the fans are not as committed to their team like MLB fans are.

The NBA attracts many fans to a specific player as opposed to a team. For example, many people like Kobe Bryant, (for some odd reason) but they are drawn more towards the player instead of the Lakers. Many NHL fans only follow their team come playoff time and I won’t lie, I am guilty of this as well.

That is why, baseball in my eyes, is the greatest sport out there.


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