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Extraordinary Endpoint Beats BDS: RLCS 2021-22

RLCS Profits and Points Shelled Out In Europe

After the premier Fall Regional, Europe’s Goliaths have found themselves on the top of the table. English esports side Endpoint won the first regional, winning 30,000 dollars in prize money together. The side triumphed over BDS in a best-of-seven series 4-3. Endpoint CeX has received 301 points for the tournament win, giving them an advantage in the qualification process for RLCS Worlds. Endpoint will look to repeat the feat in the second regional tournament.

Swiss side BDS won 20,000 dollars while finishing second behind Endpoint. One could make the argument that BDS had the harder time in the bracket, but BDS receives 250 points anyways. BDS will look to rebound in the second of three regional tournaments.

The semifinalists, European side Dignitas and French team Karmine Corp received 200 RLCS points while pocketing a cool 8,500 dollars. If they continue to play well and advance to the latter stages of the regionals consistently, you can bet that they’ll be in Europe’s first LAN Major.

Guild, Vitality Underwhelm

Despite being top-tier sides, French team Vitality and English side Guild Esports did poorly. In fact, Vitality was unable to take a game in RLCS’ first stage, losing thrice and failing to advance past the fourth round.

After a 3-1 rout at the hands of 00 Nation, a similar result against Vodafone Giants, and a yet another pathetic 3-1 loss versus Evil Geniuses, they failed to advance any further. Saying that Vitality had a rough night is an understatement. France’s leading esports team should not be eliminated so quickly. It’s easy to say that Vitality will have their work cut out for them next regional. However, they’ll need to earn a lot more than their measly 40 points to qualify for the World Championships.

Although Endpoint made headlines with their dominance in the tournament, Vitality did so with their mediocrity.

Guild only did slightly better. They lost to eventual finalists BDS in a tense 3-2 fight and was able to win their next game against Natus Vincere by a wider margin. However, their early promise was wiped away by a series of poor showings.

The elite Englanders were swept by The Flying Dutchman, experiencing three straight thrillers (one ended 5-4 in overtime). They were knocked out of the competition by Williams Resolve in another 3-2 tussle.

Guild was unlucky throughout the tourney. Their first fall regional bid was reduced to a tense series of nailbiters and eye-opening series. Expect to have Guild do better in the second regional. They’ll probably get more than the 70 points they already have.

Is SMPR A Sleeper Side?

In the early stages of RLCS’ fall opener, SMPR Esports looked like one of the best Rocket League teams in the world. A 3-1 triumph over Evil Geniuses, a sweep over The Flying Dutchmen, and another wide victory versus eventual silver medalists BDS marked them as one of the teams to beat coming out of the Swiss Stage.

Their golden promise turned out to be pyrite. They crashed out of the tourney with a 4-3 loss against Dignitas in the quarterfinals of the competition. Even though they didn’t end up living up to the hype they created after that three-game win streak, they still look like contenders. Keep your eyes peeled for both Endpoint and SMPR to become elite English teams who will contend for a World Championship berth.

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Find RLCS 2021-22’s first European regional tournament breakdown here.


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