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Tony Bellew: I would KO Stevenson at Cruiserweight

Tony Bellew has insisted that should he face Adonis Stevenson again, he will gain his revenge by knockout.

But the fight would have to be a crusierweight this time, the pair met back in 2013 and Bellew was comprehensively beaten by the WBC light-heavyweight champion. Since Tony Bellew’s win against David Haye last week, the Haitian Canadian has come out and said he’d knockout Bellew if the pair were to meet again.

Adonis Stevenson faces Badou Jack this weekend, once that fight is out of the way, Stevenson is more than happy to face Bellew in a rematch and is willing to come to the UK  to face the Liverpudlian. Tony Bellew is currently on a high after coming off back to back wins against former heavyweight champion David Haye, he insists that if he was to face Stevenson the fight would need to be at cruiserweight.

Tony Bellew on his way to back to back victories against David Haye

“If he says he’ll do it at catchweight, he’s just trying to drag me back down in weight again, isn’t he?”

“But of course it’s interesting, I’d love to spank him. I look at him as the only man who ever truly defeated me. It definitely appeals, yes.

“The bad times stay with you longer than the good times, or at least stay with you and haunt you, so as much as I reflect and recollect on Goodison Park and what I achieved, part of me still goes back to being in Canada and I always wanted to be a two-weight world champion.

Adonis Stevenson stopped Tony Bellew in seven at light-heavyweight five years ago

Tony Bellew has bad memories about that fight against Adonis Stevenson, being sucked in to fight him at light-heavyweight. A gamble which backfired and you could see how weight drained Bellew come fight night.

“It still haunts me to this day but he would never fight me at cruiserweight. I can’t go any lower than cruiserweight, it’s impossible and I am telling you now, if he did come close to cruiserweight I would put him to sleep.

“And I would put him asleep far quicker than he put me down. I wouldn’t mess around.”

Bellew doubts the Canadian would agree to fight at catchweight, Adonis Stevenson otherwise known as ‘Superman’  hasn’t fought above the 175lbs light-heavyweight in his entire career and the ‘Bomber insists the fight would have to take place at the higher end of the 200lbs cruiserweight division.

“I’d probably say 195lbs, five pounds under the cruiserweight limit, is the lowest I can go,” he said.

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