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Brexit delivers K.O punch to English football

England out of Euro 2016

Britain’s battle to leave the EU continues at an EU meeting, however markets have fallen fast causing further disarray for England football fans.

England crashed out of the euros to Iceland less than a week after a shock victory for the Leave campaign in the referendum.

Consequential of a leave vote, the pound coin has been valued equal to the Euro in UK airports, and in many respects the premier league transfer market is looking squirmish.

Floundering financial affairs have hindered the transfer of Gareth Bale playing in England for a second spell, as fees and wages requested would be in extortion of even the likes of Manchester United.

Real Madrid offered a life long contract in light of this.

Amidst fear, the question lies whether English football is alluring enough to sway away offers from areas still in the EU and European Championships like the Germans.

England leave EU

What we do know is that we are able to enjoy the management of names such as Pepe Guardiola and Jose Mourinho whilst Jurgen Klopp remains in the hot seat for another challenge for a trophy.

Even if more teams grew their own young talents such as the Southampton FC’s of the world, they eventually are destined for where the money is.

The worrying effect of the referendum is that it has upset the normal course of play regarding strengthening sides in the transfer market.

It may be that spending more money is feasible, but only by the likes of Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea.

Although money to buy players cannot buy success, it is only a matter of time before others cannot compete because of their own money troubles.

From a business point view, as a possible recession looms over us, kit sponsors, player deals and all other assets are on the verge of a fall out.

The MLS all of a sudden appears a better offer for the stars.


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